Mother and child in harmony

Mother and child in harmony

Whichever way you have encountered the well-known melody by Greensleves throughout your life (in my Trap was already in the recorder lesson), it leaves its mark and most of us love this old and well-known narrow-minded way. But what is about the Song known? Continue reading

When it gets dark outside and colorful lanterns shine through the streets, it is clear: St. Martin is at the door.

Traditionally, the Martin parades take place on November 11, where children and adults walk through the towns and villages with lanterns and sing Martin songs. It’s good if you are prepared and remember the text and melody of the most important lantern songs in good time. Because moving with a song sheet in your hand diminishes the joy of the colorful and contemplative custom. So here are three traditional folk songs. The first be > Continue reading

In the next few weeks, lanterns will be made in many places, St Martin’s songs will be sung and the first sweet treats baked for the lantern procession. Perhaps you have heard and sung the great classics of lantern songs too often, so today I am introducing a less well-known one: “Light in the Lantern”. Continue reading

A little man stands in the forest (also: "The Riddle of the Rose Hip") is one of the many popular children’s songs, here from the Lower Rhine, which Hoffmann von Fallersleben (1798 – 1874) wrote. The text literally puzzles. Who is this mysterious little man in the forest: maybe a forest king or a dwarf, maybe a toadstool or the rose hip? Continue reading

"Brother Jakob" ("Brother Jaques") is probably one of the most famous children’s songs that are known all over the world and are therefore recorded in different languages. At the same time, the piece is written so that it can be wonderfully sung in the canon. The source of the song has not been finally clarified. Usually the French version is considered the original – it belongs to the French folk song estate. However, there are also indications that the song was connected to the Way of St. James to Sanntiago de Compostela before the 17th century. Then the original Latin or Spanish version would be obvious. Continue reading

Experiencing the seasons in music and songs with children is one of the most beautiful aspects of being a parent. Therefore, pregnancy is already a good opportunity to remember traditions and songs from your own childhood. Most song books offer a breakdown by subject groups, such as seasonal songs, good ones-night Songs, dance songs, etc. When browsing, I chose a very beautiful and atmospheric autumn song, a true classic from the 18th century, for you: “Autumn song – colorful are the forests”. Continue reading

Summer is over, the fields have been harvested, autumn winds are starting to blow and the rain is blowing across the country. All of this can be found in the short but beautiful song "Hejo, tense the car." But the song only unfolds its beauty when you sing it in the canon to two or three voices. Continue reading

Every season produces its own songs. That’s why I like to put a seasonal song at the beginning of my courses. This is how we live the year with our singing – for the children and for us it is a very valuable experience. Continue reading

The summer, the grain > Continue reading

What distinguishes a good lullaby? Sure: it must have a simple and catchy melody. In addition, many repetitions in the text and in the melody support the calming character that our lullaby should have. Continue reading


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