Mother father with mental stress

Mother father with mental stress

What’s happening?

Patrick and Alice – our adolescents who grew up with mentally ill parents – help you free of charge and anonymously in our e-advice for adolescents or in peer chat (Monday and Tuesday evenings).

  • Is your father or mother often unusually different, tired or depressed??
  • Has your father been impatient and irritable for a long time and yells at you for every little thing?
  • Your mother drinks a lot of alcohol?
  • Your father is more sensitive than usual and can hardly cope with everyday tasks?
  • Do you therefore have to help a lot in the household or do you feel responsible for your siblings?
What’s up with my parents?

Your mother or father may have a mental illness.
This can lead to difficult situations in your family because the sick person can often no longer control their feelings. Affected parents suffer a lot.

It is very important that you know that you are definitely not to blame.

Your family is not an exception. Mental illnesses are among the most common illnesses in Switzerland. Approximately every second to third person is mentally ill at some point in their life. How this can affect the whole family is explained in our short films by Emily and Michi.

We have also produced short films in which two young people explain the most common mental illnesses to you. The films describe common feelings and reactions from sick people. Your mother or father may experience the disease a little differently.

Look at her:

What is wrong with me?

Do you sometimes feel stressed by the difficult situation at home? Are you sometimes helpless or do you feel guilty? Perhaps you are also afraid or angry – at yourself, at the situation, at your parents. These and many other feelings are normal. It is not easy to cope with that! It is important that you look at yourself. Here are some tips that can help you.

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About us

The iks is committed to ensuring that children of mentally ill parents develop healthily. We advise those affected, their social environment and specialists and provide help.


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