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A Car liabilityt is legal duty And that’s good! Only if you have a car liability, you can also leave your car for public transport. For example, the legislator wants to prevent injured people who have been involved in a car accident from being left behind at the cost of the personal injury suffered. The possession and operation of a motor vehicle is rightly regarded as an increased risk and therefore motor vehicle liability is obligatory for all road users.

Car liability, we clarify all questions about your individual insurance coverage

These services take over your motor vehicle liability for you if you cause an accident

First, your car liability insurance checks whether the claims reported by the injured party are also justified. This is called as with the private liability insurance the passive legal protection function in the motor vehicle liability. If the claims are justified, liability insurance will pay compensation for personal injury and property damage.

Because the Car Liability a statutory requirement and therefore exactly regulated, are the minimum sums insured given:

  • € 7.5 million for personal injury
  • € 1.12 million for property damage
  • € 50,000 for financial losses

personal injury are always present when a stranger is harmed by the use of their vehicle.

Use of the car:

To use a motor vehicle not only include moving and Drive, but also Getting in and out (Just think of the cyclist, who has to dodge due to careless opening of the vehicle door, comes to a crash and carries a personal injury) as well Loading and unloading and also the refueling.

These costs are covered by the vehicle liability insurance personal injury accepted

  • medical treatment of the injured party
  • any compensation for pain
  • Lifelong pensions, including survivor’s pension in the event of death

damage to property

All that can be replaced by repair or spare parts or was damaged on a foreign vehicle or on a garden fence, is taken over by the motor insurance liability in the amount of repair costs or a total loss in the amount of replacement.

These damages are caused by the Car liability at one of you caused damage accepted:

  • Towing and recovery costs
  • Cost of the car appraisal
  • Downtime fee, cost of a rental car during the repair
  • Replacement of the vehicle in a total loss
  • Impairment based on accident damage
  • legal expenses
  • repair costs

financial losses

Emerge from a personal injury even more financial disadvantages for the injured party, these must also be replaced. A customer appointment has been canceled because the car was not available at short notice for arrival. This must also guarantee your motor vehicle liability with a sum of at least 50,000, – €.

These damages are not covered by their motor vehicle liability

Alcohol and drugs at the wheel

Even if your car insurance contractually waives recourse for gross negligence, but you lose any cover for damage that you cause with your car under alcohol or drugs influence. So that the injured party does not go out empty, the motor vehicle liability takes over the compensation. However, it always takes recourse from the policyholder.

Intentional damage

Who has not read about the famous carmakers who Services from the motor vehicle fraudulent, by deliberately provoking accidents and thus committing insurance fraud. If the intent is revealed, the vehicle liability insurance is free of charge.

Precedent shopping cart

If your shopping cart hits another vehicle when you load your vehicle and causes scratches, this damage event does not fall under the use of the vehicle. It has to be taken over by their private liability insurance. If you pull your skis out of the trunk and hit a dent in the vehicle parked behind you, the vehicle will be liable.

These additional services in the motor vehicle liability are recommended

Plea of ​​gross negligence

In each case you should choose a motor vehicle liability, in which the insurer on Recourse claims in case of gross negligence waived. For example, if you accidentally drive over a red traffic light and collide with cross traffic, your motor insurance can take recourse for gross negligence. Please note alcohol at the wheel or drugs are never covered by the motor vehicle liability insurance, not even in the absence of recourse in case of gross negligence.


We recommend yours Sums insured in the motor vehicle liability at € 50 million to choose. We consider this to be necessary, since it is often the case of serious car accidents that many people are injured and those seriously injured often suffer lifelong damage in the form of disability. If your sums insured are exhausted, you must pay for pensions, rehabilitation, etc..

foreign coverage

If you travel frequently on a business trip or on holiday abroad, it is important that your rental car not only has the minimum cover for the landlord, but that they have at least € 50 million cover in America, for example. With the so-called Majorca Police for rental cars you ensure this increased coverage.

Bad debt cover / foreign claims protection

As with the private liability insurance, it can happen that you are involved in an accident abroad and the accident causer is equipped with a much lower coverage. If this is the case, your car liability assumes the missing difference.

Environmental damage coverage

If an accident that you cause with your car causes environmental damage, such as oil and coolant, to flow into a nature reserve or sensitive water, you must also pay compensation for the ecological damage you incur

discount protection

If you incur liability damage, you will be downgraded in the non-infringement discount the following year and pay a higher insurance rate. With a so-called discount saver you remain in the same claim-freedom class despite damage.

This group covers your car liability

They close the Car liability insurance always for a whole specific vehicle which is exactly identified by the license plate issued at the registration office. At the wheel but can sit a variety of drivers who are responsible in an accident or damage event. That’s why it’s important to know, which persons are insured in the motor vehicle liability:

  • the policyholder
  • the registered holder of the vehicle
  • the registered owner of the vehicle (in the case of a financed car, for example, the bank)
  • registered in the insurance, named by name driver
  • all authorized occupants of the vehicle

So the contribution for your motor vehicle liability is calculated

Very many different parameters and components lead ultimately to the tariff in the motor vehicle liability. Therefore, we also recommend in our motor insurance comparison to carefully fill out all parameters. This is the only way an exact tariff comparison can work with the individually tailored and priced optimally designed motor vehicle liability insurance. The following parameters are used:

  • vehicle manufacturers
  • Construction year
  • Fuel type

Depending on the information, it is assessed how high the accident risk and the intensity of vehicle use are.

Annual kilometers driven

Please specify a relatively exact plan number. It does not do any good to push down the tariff with a few kilometers, because in the case of damage the damage is regulated quite normally, but you then have to after a few kilometers are paid. This calculated over the entire insurance term.

Registered drivers

If we talk about a family car used by both you, your wife and also the children of age, then the motor vehicle liability must know how many different people, especially at what age, use the vehicle to assess the risk.

Your place of residence

Some regions in Germany are considered special accident-prone and so the postal code of your place of residence leads to the exact classification in a certain regional class, which determines the price in the motor vehicle liability.

Claims category

Here’s how you’ve behaved in traffic over the last few years. If you drive accident free for many years, you will receive a discount in the motor vehicle liability, as your personal risk in the forecast is very favorable. Detailed information about SF class can be found here.

A contract in the motor vehicle liability always runs a whole year. Usually, the contract begins on January 1st. So you have a notice and a possible Change until November 30th Time. Increases your car liability, they have one Special right until one month after receipt of the letter with the contribution information.

To the vehicle liability insurance belongs with newer vehicles also a comprehensive insurance, you should inform yourself simply in our car insurance comparison!

Car Liability Damage, so claim properly

One way ahead, please In no case give a debt acknowledgment. This checks your liability insurance within the scope of the eligibility. Therefore immediately report any damage that you yourself cause to your vehicle liability insurance. You should also do this if you yourself are the injured party, because you do not know what the statements of your accident opponent are and so can an insurance with the other insurance in the company.

If you want to register damages in the car liability, you can do this actively and do not have to wait for the report of the culprit. At the Central call of the car insurer In any case, the damage can already be created and delivered

If the damage is not very high, it is worth considering to pay it out of pocket, so as to avoid the upgrade in the damage class. As a rule of thumb, a damage amount of up to 500, – € to pay out of pocket, in addition to be paid by the car liability.

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