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Melanie - the insurance consultant of Hannoversche

With a partial or fully comprehensive insurance also insure damage to your own car. These are not included in the motor vehicle liability package.

The motor vehicle liability insurance is the most important coverage for vehicle owners and even required by law. The reason: after an accident, the costs can quickly run into the millions for example, if injured parties have to be cared for for the rest of their lives. Motor vehicle liability covers third-party claims so you don’t get stuck with the bills. And with an additional fully or partially comprehensive insurance damage to your own vehicle and theft are also covered.

  • Strong benefits for your individual protection

With the additional driver protection module, you are also fully covered as a driver.

When you call: help. Organization of towing service, replacement vehicle and more – Germany-wide and free of charge.

With partial casco, you are already covered for weather damage – without being downgraded.

one call is all it takes, and after an accident everything will be done for you to support you in word and deed.

The repair, for example, if hailstones damage your vehicle, will be reimbursed. VHV is one of the few insurers to provide partial coverage for snow and ice falling from roofs. Your advantage: no downgrading in the event of a claim.

Optimal precautions and maximum safety are offered by the motor vehicle liability insurance with a coverage amount of 100 million euros. Euro lump sum for personal injury, damage to property and property damage (for personal injury, a maximum of 15 mio. Euro per injured person).

If a car is stolen or destroyed by a total loss, the complete new price is replaced, provided that the car is not older than 24 months and is in the first possession. In the exclusive package, new value compensation is valid up to 36 months after initial registration.

In the event of total loss or loss of the car, within the first 24 months after purchase, you will be reimbursed not only for the replacement value, but also for the purchase price of your used car. In the exclusive package, the purchase price compensation applies up to 36 months after purchase.

For repairs, the "new for old" deduction is waived waived for spare parts, tires, battery (exception: batteries of electric and hybrid vehicles) and paintwork the exclusive package also includes radio and navigation equipment.

Repair costs are insured not only for damage caused by maggot bites, but also for damage caused by animal bites of any kind. Consequential damage, for example to the engine, is also covered. Excluded: damage to the interior.

Not only the classic damage caused by game is insured, but also the collision with animals of all kinds, i.e. z. B. also with pets or birds.

Standard or retrofitted special equipment in your vehicle, such as. B. Phono-, communication equipment or tuning parts, are automatically included in the insurance up to the maximum compensation limit of 100.000 euros.

If you are transporting your car on a ferry, your car is insured if the ship is in distress (e.g., in the event of an accident).B. In case of collision, leakage or sinking).

Even the misappropriation of your vehicle is covered by the exclusive package. This can happen, for example, through a prospective buyer during a test drive.

Damage to your car caused by a hitched trailer without external impact is covered under comprehensive insurance.

Short-circuit-induced overvoltage damage to adjacent units (e.g., a motor) is covered.B. alternator, battery, starter) are covered up to 10.000 euro co-insured. In the EXCLUSIVE package, these claims are covered up to 20.000 euro co-insured. Damage to connected equipment is not covered (e.g., in the event of an accident).B. information and entertainment systems).

you receive more service for your money: as part of the claims service plus your car will be towed to a repair shop and you will be provided with a replacement car for the duration of the repair. In addition, you benefit from many other services at partner workshops in the event of bodywork, paint and glass damage.

If your vehicle is stolen or totaled due to an accident, you will receive the complete new price replaced, if the vehicle is not older than 24 months and is in first ownership. In the case of used cars, you receive not only the replacement value, but also the purchase price. In addition, the partial casco already pays for damage to your own vehicle caused by storms, hail, flooding or falling snow and ice without being downgraded.

Melanie - the Hannoverschen insurance advisor

Switching is easy: you can cancel existing contracts one month before expiration, usually at the full key date 30. November. With a new vehicle or if premiums or contract conditions change, you can even change immediately.

Of course, you can also "park" your second vehicle with VHV, if your first car is not insured through VHV. Secure yourself attractive conditions for your second carIf your first vehicle is already insured with a no-claims class of at least 2, you can start directly with the second vehicle with a no-claims class of 2. If you are the sole driver of both vehicles, even more is included.

And for the next generation there are particularly interesting options customer children conditions, because the improved first classification in the no-claims class 2 is also possible for your offspring. If one of your parents already has a vehicle insured with us with at least no-claims class 2, your child can be directly insured with SF½ or even start SF 2. You will find all the information in the overview of the no-claims classification.

Important: currently, car insurance can only be offered to private individuals.

You can adapt the basic cover to your individual needs. round off your insurance cover with the all-round carefree package with the additional modules for motor vehicle insurance from.

partial cover insurance

Provides cover in the event of damage, destruction or loss of your car due to z. B. fire, theft, elementary damage and glass breakage.

comprehensive insurance

In addition to partially comprehensive insurance, it also covers damage to your own vehicle caused by accidents, hitched trailers and vandalism.

Protective cover (plus)

Whether it’s a breakdown, accident, theft or sudden illness: the cover (plus) offers help and financial security if something goes wrong also outside germany.

Driver protection

Closes the driver’s insurance gap in the event of a self-inflicted accident.

Traffic legal protection

How to avoid financial risk in the event of legal disputes.

Discount protection

Prevents the downgrading of your contract after a claim.

GAP coverage

Covers you if, in the event of a claim, the residual claim from the leasing/financing contract exceeds the replacement value of your car.

international protection

Assures you of compensation under German law in the event of accidents abroad for which you are not at fault.

Workshop commitment

If you decide to have your vehicle serviced by a garage when you take out the policy, you will not only receive all the associated services, but you will also receive a 15 percent discount on your own-damage premium.

Motor insurance is regularly checked and tested by independent rating agencies. The stiftung warentest financial test has our tariff classic-guarantor in issue 11/2021 a "better" premium level as certified to the average.

The partial cover insurance offers you a solid basic cover. It also pays in the event of damage, destruction or loss of your own car- for example, fire, theft, natural hazards or broken glass.

The most comprehensive protection is offered by fully comprehensive insuranceIn addition to the benefits of partial casco, it also covers all damage to your own car after an accident, through an attached trailer, as well as after malicious damage by third parties (vandalism).

Whether breakdown, accident, theft or sudden illness: the protection certificate (plus) offers help and financial security if something goes wrong- all over europe, around the clock.

In the event of a self-inflicted accident, personal injuries to the driver are not insured. The driver protection closes this gap. every eligible driver is covered up to a maximum of 15 mio. euro secured.

With the discount protection prevent your contract from being downgraded after a claim. For each insurance year, a claim is treated as if it had not happened at all.

If you decide to take out an insurance policy garage insurance benefits twice over: you receive all the associated services and also enjoy a 15 percent discount on your comprehensive insurance premium.

No risk in the event of legal repercussions: the insurance also covers traffic legal protection insurance ücovers the costs incurred.

The international cover ensures compensation in accordance with german law if something happens while traveling. The insurance sums in other countries are often not sufficient to compensate for the damage after an accident for which you are not responsible.

If a leased or credit-financed car is stolen or totaled, the residual claim often exceeds the replacement value, which is reimbursed by the comprehensive insurance policy. The GAP coverage üassumes this risk from the financing/leasing contract.

VHV’s motor insurance guarantees insurance cover in europe and in the non-European territories that fall within the scope of the EU.

the international (green) insurance card acts as proof of your motor vehicle liability insurance. Since in some countries it is even compulsory to present your green card, you should always carry it with you when driving abroad.

Simply request the green card here.

Regardless of whether the car has broken down or been involved in an accident, theft or total loss, illness or injury of passengers- you are offered rapid assistance and financial support throughout europe and around the clock – under these emergency numbers:

within germany: 0800.570 11 11
from abroad: +49.221.827 73 04

No matter if second car, spouse or new driver regulation, there is more than one way for you to have your cars classified. Here you will find a detailed overview, also about the premium rates of the different schemes.

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