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Weight 10 kg
safety belt 5-point safety belt
Washable covers?
Comfortable seat?
Ideal for traveling?

Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle in the test – the compact, robust and at the same time very manoeuvrable Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle is with the thoughts to active parents. The model is a perfect jogger, which is very light yet stable. It is a children’s buggy that you can use to walk, jog or skate. The buggy is very space-saving and easy to maneuver. That is why it is recommended to those active families who like to travel. The buggy can easily be used on all imaginable trips.


Who is the Urban Jungle mountain buggy for??

In the case of this model, it is a dynamic and innovative product, characterized by its maneuverability, functionality and versatility. The best choice for active families who travel a lot of time. It is advantageously possible to easily lock the front wheel of the buggy for optimal straight-ahead running. The suspension is responsible for ensuring that the child can enjoy the ride while jogging. The buggy is therefore an option for these parents who want to do sports while walking with their child.

How does the stroller work in different environments? Very good! If you are looking for a light, aesthetic and at the same time really robust stroller for city, forest and mountains, you should definitely consider this model. As already mentioned, you can also do sports with the car.

The stroller can be folded up easily. It should fit well in every trunk in the car. In practice, this means that yourself This model is also suitable for families who like to travel. The buggy is equipped with sufficiently large tires, so there is no risk of getting stuck in grooves.

Technical parameters. Mountain buggy test

The increasingly popular model is relatively light. The weight of the jogger buggy is only 13.5 kg. The load capacity of the seat is up to 35 kilograms. This means that the jogger buggy is well suited for children from birth to approx. 6 years (or max. 35 kg).

Other important parameters of the stroller to consider when buying a stroller:

Resilience of the seat: up to 35 kg;

Wheels: 12 inch pneumatic tires;

robust aluminum frames;

Slider handle height: 78 cm – 114 cm;

Folding size (without wheels): 109 cm x 39 cm.

One of the main advantages of the Urban Jungle mountain buggy is its simple folding system. There is no denying that the stroller is really easy to fold up. So there is no problem in transporting the car.

The model can not only be equipped with a child seat, but also with a baby seat or carrycot. In practice, this means that the buggy is a good solution even for very young children. The seat of the buggy can be infinitely adjusted in a lying area. The model has the function of the hood (good ventilation and weather protection), it is also equipped with a cooler bag for drinks.

Mountain buggy Urban Jungle in the test

The stroller has already been thoroughly tested. Now you already know that the Urban Jungle mountain buggy is a comfortable and

represents a safe model. The buggy is delivered partially assembled. Before it is used, the wheels and the roof have to be installed. This is not difficult because the assembly instructions are really understandable.

Operating the buggy is not difficult. The model can be folded up quickly. The buggy brake can be easily operated with the foot. The brake acts on both rear wheels. Newer models are also equipped with a handbrake. Large air-filled wheels, the rotating front wheel, are responsible for making even small turns really easy to drive. This is confirmed by tests.

A wide wheelbase and low center of gravity are synonymous with a relatively high level of tipping safety. Let us not forget, however, that it is a jogger stroller. Therefore, increased caution is recommended. The child in the buggy must always be buckled up.

Why is the Urban Jungle mountain buggy a good choice?

If you are looking for a functional, safe and stable children’s buggy, you should definitely consider choosing the new Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle. The model is perfectly equipped, thanks to which this vehicle can be used in all conceivable ways. No matter if it is the asphalt jungle or maybe uneven terrain, you can always count on this mountain buggy product our Will meet needs.

The sporty buggy has the following advantages:

relatively large 12 inch pneumatic tires;

foldable with one hand;

movable front wheel that can be locked (off-road);

narrow wheelbase for full driving control;


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