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Santa Claus is coming to town

Christmas is often a festival that is often celebrated as a family. For many au pairs, this is also the time when homesickness arises. It is clear to everyone that you are away from home during your stay abroad and that often includes the holidays. However, this should be seen as an opportunity to get to know a new culture better! No matter whether you are now an au pair, work & Travelmaker or discovered a new country as a volunteer: new experiences and experiences related to the celebrations makes one definitely.

Party favors au pair

The departure is imminent, the suitcases are packed and the adventure au pair can start soon … but one thing is still missing: party favors for the host family. Of course, no host families will expect gifts from you, but everyone is happy about a little attention. The gift should be a sign of your gratitude that you will be accepted by your family and can live there. You would like to make a good impression and bring something that the whole family likes. But what only?

Photos (of yourself with children) for the au pair application

In a few weeks you will graduate from high school and would like to apply for a stay abroad as an au pair in the USA, New Zealand, Australia or another country? Are you wondering how you can make your application more interesting for potential host families? Then we give you some useful tips here!

Do I have chances? As an au pair to England

Are you dreaming of living in London, Brighton, Oxford or another fascinating city in England for a few months and working there as an au pair? Then you are probably wondering what your chances are of finding a nice host family quickly or at all. To find out, we give you some information and tips here to help you better assess your chances.

Everything related to the search for a host family!

If you are planning to go abroad as an au pair, the following FAQs are on the subject "Homestay search" definitely helpful for you!

Au pair in the city or in the village?

The future place of residence plays an important role as an au pair. Once the right country has been selected, the question of the exact placement arises. Whether in the big city or in the country, a lot depends on your personal wishes. Last but not least, the potential host family is also very important.

How can I collect evidence in childcare?

In order to apply for an au pair stay, you need proof of childcare. As a rule, you need 2 documents to prove yourself to one organization apply for a stay. Here you will find a list of what you can submit and how you can collect even more hours / evidence in childcare.

Au pair England – Consequences and current status of BREXIT

BREXIT – England’s exit from the EU is getting closer and you are wondering what consequences this will have for your au pair stay. In this blog article we would like to inform you about the current status and further encourage you to travel to England as an au pair.

Alaaf! – Everything for your au pair carnival party

All carnival fools who are abroad as an au pair on 11.11.18 will probably look home wistfully on this day. But that’s no reason to get homesick! How about a colorful carnival party for your guest children instead?

Accept or reject host family and continue searching?

What to do if the first Homestay proposal is perfect?
Accept the host family or prefer to continue looking to have a comparison?
The comparison of host families can help with the decision but can also lead to problems!


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