Munich bogenhausen: celebrity district for large families

Munich Bogenhausen celebrity district for large families

Bogenhausen has the second largest potential for price increases, according to the real estate scout study. The eastern quarter in the Bavarian capital is primarily known as a noble residential area, but there are also modern residential and office buildings. In addition to the development of the rental price, the demand for rental and purchase properties is also well above average.

Munich Boris Becker was in Bogenhausen, Bayern football star Philipp Lahm is there and Germany’s currently best goalkeeper, Manuel Neuer, is said to be coming. In any case, this is said in Munich, although the Gelsenkirchener has not yet signed the contract with FC Bayern.

Bogenhausen is not a neighborhood for everyone, like yourself reads from the real estate advertisements: "Modern design in Bogenhausen – purchase price 3.45 million euros," praises broker Engel & Völkers offers a bungalow in one of Munich’s two large residential areas. With property prices around 6000 euros per square meter, such house prices are no wonder. Anyone who builds new on such expensive floor models something special out of concrete, stones and glass.

An overview of all quarters: where rents and purchase prices rise

But it is the old buildings that shape Bogenhausen. "Bogenhausen has a beautiful old building structure," says Sabine Mösch, branch manager of Frankonia Eurobau in Munich, what makes the area east of the Isar so attractive. Frankonia Eurobau is one of the largest project developers for exclusive apartments in Germany. In the posh Alt-Bogenhausen, the company from the Lower Rhine town of Nettetal is currently building apartments in “Montgelas Park”. Around 90 million will be in the new Stadtquartier invests.

Munich real estate

Bogenhausen is in the northeastern part of Munich and extends from the edge of the city center to the city limits. In the west, the district is bordered by the Isar, in the east by the Riem riding area. The middle ring separates Alt-Bogenhausen from the rest of the district. The district owes it to the building contractor Jakob Heilmann that the old core of the district can impress today with stately houses. After the Isar regulation in the 19th century, this prevented the establishment of commercial enterprises in the recently drained area east of the river.

Back then, building speculators made their way to the farming village. Nevertheless, the residents managed to maintain the tranquil character of their district. In 1965, sheep were grazing on Effnerplatz, the chroniclers report north East culture that has long dealt with the history of the district.


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