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North Rhine-Westphalia is the densest cultural region in Europe: Around 700 museums with their numerous exhibitions attract almost 17 million visitors annually. On the following page we present our most important houses, current highlights and special insider tips from the Museumsland NRW.

The top 8 museum

LWL Museum for Art and Culture – Münster

The new LWL Museum for Art and Culture in Münster is one of the largest art museums in North Rhine-Westphalia and the "Treasury of Westphalia. After five years of construction and an investment of around 50 million euros, the museum was reopened in September 2014. The building itself has 7,500 square meters of exhibition space.

Contact & approach
  • LWL Museum of Art and Culture
  • Cathedral Square 10
  • 48143 Munster

German Automata Museum – Espelkamp

The German Automata Museum is a private collection of historical coin-operated machines from the Gauselmann family, which has been growing since 1985 and is unique in the world. It currently contains around 1,800 exhibits from all over the world. Around 200 historical exhibits are permanently presented to the general public in the German Automata Museum (DAM).

Contact & approach
  • German vending machine museum
    Gauselmann Collection
  • Neustadtstrasse 40
  • 32339 Espelkamp

Neanderthal Museum – Mettmann

On October 10, 1996 the new Neanderthal Museum in Mettmann was opened in the middle of the Neandertal, where the world’s best-known human fossil was recovered in 1856. Decades of efforts to build a museum the size and equipment of which is a prominent location came to an end. With around 170,000 visitors a year, it is one of the most successful archaeological museums in Germany. His presentation is according to that international The location claims to be bilingual in German and English.

Contact & approach
  • Neanderthal Museum Mettmann
  • Talstr. 300
  • 40822 Mettmann

German Mining Museum – Bochum

The German Mining Museum Bochum (DBM), founded in 1930, is one of eight research museums in the Leibniz Association. The history of the extraction, processing and use of georesources is researched, preserved and conveyed across epochs. Research areas include: archaeometallurgy, mining history, materials science, mining archeology and the mining history documentation center (montan.dok). The DBM is currently a house in transition: the renovation also redesigns the permanent exhibition. Starting in 2019, four tours will lead the visitor through the house, thematic focal points will then convey the bandwidth of the Leibniz Research Museum for Georesources. With the new exhibition, the DBM is facing up to the challenge, content and to present results from our own research in an exciting, educational and informative manner and to address the various target groups with various mediation offers.

Contact & approach
  • German Mining Museum Bochum
  • At the mining museum 28
  • 44791 Bochum

LWL-Museum für Naturkunde – Münster

The Natural History Museum was founded in Münster (NRW) in 1892. Various special and permanent exhibitions are shown on an area of ​​around 4,200 square meters. There is also a large planetarium in the middle of the museum. The 3,500 square meter museum courtyard offers numerous attractions. The museum can be explored via simple, barrier-free access. It is desirable to linger in the exhibitions to take a closer look at the unobtrusively inserted art objects. Unique objects can be found in the Münster Natural History Museum. The world’s largest ammonite with a diameter of 1.80 meters is freely accessible in the museum foyer. It was named Fossil of the Year 2008 by the Paleontological Society. It is the only museum in Germany here "Portrait of the Milky Way" by Jon Lomberg as a backlit, 12 square meter image see.

Contact & approach
  • LWL Museum of Natural History
  • Sentruper Str. 285
  • 48161 Munster

LWL Industriemuseum – Bocholt

Visitors to the Textile Museum in Bocholt get in touch with history: in its fully functional one "Museum factory" the Westphalian Museum of Industry shows the work processes in a typical company from the period between 1900 and 1960.

Contact & approach
  • LWL Industrial Museum Bocholt
  • Uhlandstrasse 50
  • 46397 Bocholt

Aquarius Water Museum – Mülheim

Glass elevators take the visitor to the top of the over 100 year old listed water reservoir in Mülheim an der Ruhr. Its unusual architecture and multimedia concept have earned the Aquarius Water Museum numerous awards since it opened in 1992. The "star" wrote: `A water tower converted into a multimedia center protrudes from the dust-dry wasteland of the museum landscape`. Video

Contact & approach
  • Aquarius water museum
  • Burgstr. 70
  • 45476 Muelheim an der Ruhr

Zeiss planetarium Bochum

Who would not even want to forget everyday life, get to know distant worlds under the starry sky and undertake trips into the depths of space? The Bochum Planetarium offers the very best opportunity for this. During the performances, which take place several times a day apart from Mondays, the day turns into night and the stars also shine in clouds and rain. Visitors sit down in one of the more than 260 comfortable armchairs under the dome, lean back and look up – the experience can begin! The Bochum Planetarium is the only large planetarium in the Ruhr area. Since May 2010, it has been equipped with impressive new technology worth around 3 million euros. The stars have been brought up from the sky on Castroper Strasse in Bochum since 1964. But since 2010, the year of the Capital of Culture, the sky has opened in a completely new way never seen before.

Contact & approach
  • Zeiss planetarium Bochum
  • Castroper Str. 67
  • 44791 Bochum
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