Come, savior of all the world

During the Advent and Christmas season the cathedral choirs are in full swing. Because it is precisely then that they are in great demand as cultural figures – even with appearances outside Cologne. But the crowning finale is always the concert in the cathedral.

In December, the four choirs at Cologne Cathedral are known to tackle a tight program. Especially the singers of the girls' choir as well as the boys and gentlemen of the cathedral choir are sometimes in demand throughout the diocese or even beyond. Because vocal music on top level loads itself also the one or other church municipality for a special music benefit in the Advent season already times gladly from the Rhine metropolis in. Then many of the traditional and familiar Advent songs are on the program of the Cathedral musicians: for example, "We tell you of the dear Advent" or "Mary went through a thorn forest", but above all also settings in which both ensembles demonstrate all their skills.

Christina Cherry

As a pupil he sang with the Domspatzen, from Sunday he will now conduct them: Christian Heib, until now cathedral conductor in Eichstatt, will be the new head of the world-famous boys' choir. He is only the second family man in this position.

Christian Heib calls it "a childhood dream, one that you just have as a 10- or 11-year-old. At the time, he was in the sixth grade at the Regensburger Domspatzen music high school. Georg Ratzinger was at the helm of the world-famous boys' choir, as cathedral conductor. That is exactly what he wanted to become one day, Heib had told him. Now the 52-year-old's childhood dream is coming true. From 1. September he takes over the office; after Roland Buchner he is the second family man at the head of the choir.

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The Regensburg diocese and Bishop Muller defend themselves against accusations by the Regensburg Regional Court that they acted irresponsibly. They suspect "an unprecedented, nationwide defamation campaign". The former pastor of Riekofen was sentenced on Thursday to three years in prison with subsequent preventive detention for sexual abuse of a boy. The 40-year-old with a relevant criminal record had confessed before the Regional Court of Regensburg to have assaulted the altar boy, who was ten years old at the beginning, in 22 cases starting at the end of 2003.

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In September, Father Heiner Wilmer is to be consecrated Bishop of Hildesheim. In the interview, he talks about how he plans to deal with the challenges in his new diocese and which soccer club his heart beats for.

CBA: Father Wilmer, you were abroad for many years, most recently in Rome. With which eyes do you see the German church?

Wilmer: From the Roman point of view, the German Church is important because there is a high level of reflection there. The German church is representative of ecumenism – that is, the consideration of how Christians as a whole can grow together and work together.

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Beautiful dark angel

Jim Morrison © Manfred Rehm

47 years ago "Doors" frontman Jim Morrison died. Fans are still fascinated by him today. In the meantime, Morrison, who would now have turned 75, is also taken seriously as a poet.

The room is dark, only a spotlight illuminates the stage. A young man lying on the floor. He breathes heavily, otherwise no sound is heard. Then he laughs defiantly in the audience's face, rolls around on stage, shouts out. "The future's uncertain and the end is always near," he sings."

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Laity on a par with the bishops

The highest body of German lay Catholicism wants to discuss reforms in the church "at eye level" with the bishops and expects concrete results in the process. With a large majority, the ZdK plenary assembly voted for the proposal.

Under these conditions, the Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK) decided at its spring plenary assembly, which ended today, Saturday, to participate in the "synodal way" proposed by the bishops.

The decision of the approximately 230-member plenary assembly fell with large majority. The German Bishops' Conference had suggested a "binding" joint discussion and reform process as a result of the abuse study published in the fall.

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It's all about God and guitars, salvation and ecstasy: In a Rio slum, an evangelical pastor preaches the gospel with the help of Metallica and Motorhead. In Latin America, the free churches are on the rise – not all of them are as liberal as the Metal Christians.

A brute guitar riff makes the walls tremble. Loud rock music resounds through the room on the second floor of a run-down building in the Mare favela in the poor north of Rio de Janeiro. The notes heavy metal, the lyrics deeply religious. Rogerio Santos pulls out a Bible and begins to pray. While all hell breaks loose musically around him, the cowl-wearer directs his words toward heaven.

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Talking loosely about the meaning of life

Talking loosely about the meaning of life: Matthias Sellmann launches a talk show that brings exciting people into conversation about God and the meaning of life. 'Sellmann's Good Evening' will initially be broadcast as a pilot show on 15.10. recorded in Cologne.

Isn't there too much chatter on television?? Night after night, we are assailed by talk shows and talk shows with self-appointed experts, often eager to provide information, who have meanwhile conquered their regular places in the armchairs of a TV society that is always chatting. Or we must endure profiless confession loops of third-class celebrities to banal rushes. It's striking that today it seems really easy to talk about the most intimate sex practices, but when religion comes into play and people talk about God, they often remain coyly silent, cough, or oddball exotics appear who have been dug out of the backwoods parlors of the Catholic Church and talk as if they were at a poorly attended medieval market.

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Santa muerte

Santa Muerte © Jenny Barke

She is given chocolates and marijuana and in return supposedly saves her followers from disaster. The Santa Muerte is passionately worshipped in Mexico – and finds more and more followers. This is a thorn in the side of the Catholic Church.

From the street, Dona Queta's life's work seems quite inconspicuous. Only a few bouquets of flowers on the sidewalk draw the eye to the 62-year-old's store behind white bars. But the impression is deceptive. Hundreds of pilgrims come to Tepito in Mexico City every day. Their destination: the decorated altar of Santa Muerte, before which they kneel devoutly to thank the "saint of death" or to offer their intercessions.

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Franz Meurer has been honored as an "Ambassador for Democracy and Tolerance. The "Alliance for Democracy and Tolerance – Against Extremism and Violence" justified its choice by saying that the Cologne social pastor had "made a significant contribution to the development of the district in a socially deprived area with his wide range of services".

As a result, the Church has become a new refuge and bearer of hope for people, it was said during the tribute on Monday (23.05.2011) in Berlin. The BfDT also honored Kazim Erdogan, who works for integration in the Berlin district of Neukolln with numerous projects, as well as the association "StreetUniverCity Berlin," which offers young people in the Berlin district of Kreuzberg workshops in the areas of society, street culture, art and media, as well as sports.

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