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Music for children from 6 years: Let’s sing. English children’s songs

With 21 songs, the children discover the English language and music.

The album offers a collection of 21 different English-language songs "Let’s sing. English children’s songs" from Igel Records children from preschool age have a first access to language and music (tradition). The title is very irritating if you take a closer look at the selection. It is by no means pure children’s songs. Drunken Sailor is a typical sailor pub song. Down by the riverside comes from the gospel, oh Susanna from the country scene. On the other hand, Old MacDonald had a farm or Brother John (Brother Jakob as a German variant) are among the English-language children’s songs. In short: they are – at least to the adults – well-known songs that have been around for decades, have catchy melodies and are easy to swing. However, not every single one is considered a children’s song. The question of the selection remains unanswered.

Texts in the booklet

Handmade music

The presentation of the songs is positive. They are not artificially created melodies, but musicians played and sang. Here the country style was used as suggested by the choice of instruments (banjo). Most of the songs corresponded to their character. The singer George Major, an American native English speaker, tries to sing very clearly. But every now and then dialect comes through. Nice for the presentation, more difficult for singing and access to the foreign language for absolute beginners.
Overall, the music album "Let’s sing. English children’s songs" a good, entertaining song album, well done by the vocals and the instruments. But parents should only use it primarily for listening. In the sense of English children’s songs (!) The selection is a mistake.

Songs list:
1. Oh! Susanna (I come from Alabama) 1’55
2. Old MacDonald had a farm 3’22
3. What shall we do with the drunken sailor? 3’34
4. Three blind mice 1’30
5. Froggie went A-Courtin ‘4,333
6. Down by the riverside 4,334
7. I like the flowers 1’51
8. The Wabash Cannonball 2’42
9. If you’re happy 2’21
10. Hang down your head, Tom Dooley 3’20
11. Skip to my Lou, my darling 2’22
12. Swing low, sweet chariot 3’56
13. My Bonnie lies over the ocean 2’48
14. The itsy bitsy spider 1’36
15. Greensleeves 4’31
16. She’ll be comin ’round the mountain 2’43
17. Oh, when the Saints go marchin ‘in 2’55
18. Brother John (Are you sleeping?) 1’32
19. Twinkle, twinkle, little star 2’07
20. Amazing grace 2’55
21. Auld Lang Syne 3’15

Bibliographical information on the children’s song CD:
Let’s sing. English children’s songs
Igel Records, Dortmund 2019
Running time: 61 minutes
Musicians: George Major, Ralf Kiwit, Bernd Mann, Ben Ahrens, Rudi Mika
Price: about 10 euros
Age recommended by the publisher: from 6 years

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