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Musicals have long ceased to be just a popular leisure activity for adults, because the positive influence of music and dance on the children of our society has already been proven. Prerequisite for this: A child-friendly representation of the events in connection with an easy to understand expression. Both in Germany and Austria, special musicals for children can now be found, which bring the heroes from the fairy tale books very close. With a pack of popcorn, you can the small sit back and for a few hours of your imagination Freerunning to let.

When children’s eyes light up

What is the main goal of a visit to the musical? Exactly, to make your children happy. With breathtaking scenery, modern lighting effects and wonderful songs, the performers seduce you and your family into another world. A world in which everything seems possible and where young guests can experience their heroes up close. A world in which you can let your imagination run wild. With chin-friendly lyrics, the little adventurers are not only given an unforgettable evening, but also convey important principles such as friendship, courage, justice and loyalty.

An overview of the most beautiful musicals for children

Musicals for children have to withstand special requirements. So you should convey the original story, but in a way that is understandable even for the very young guests. You and your offspring decide whether this is a version of the famous Grimm fairy tales or rather modern narratives from today’s life. We have put together a selection of the most beautiful and popular musicals for children below.

Name of the musical Information / story
CINDERELLA The magical story of Cinderella takes young and old girls into another world. But in the end, the poor peasant girl will really be able to marry her prince charming, or the evil stepsisters will win?
SHREK A wonderful musical about integration, acceptance and courage awaits you and your children in the SHREK performance. With mythical creatures like Ogers and other fairy tale characters you dive into the swampy adventures of the otherwise grumpy Shrek.
TABALUGA Who didn’t have a cuddly toy, a book or a radio play from small Dragon Tabaluga in the children’s room? With profound messages that are packed in a child-like manner, Tabaluga also delights today’s generation of small kite fans.
LION KING A real classic in which the lion child Simba has to put all his courage together to defeat the evil uncle Scar and thus save the savanna. He gets support from his new friends Pumbaa and Timon, who make the entire audience laugh with their funny way of life.
FACK JU GHÖTE Almost every young person in Germany followed the trilogy of FACK JU GHÖTE in the cinema. Now Zech Müller and his chaotic students are back with the first part as a musical. With exaggerated scenes from everyday school life and cleverly used youth jokes, the Göthe comprehensive school proves that there is more to it than just a socially weak population class.
STARLIGHT EXPRESS The railway musical STARLIGHT EXPRESS is about friendship, competition and love. An absolute classic on stage not only for children, but also for adults that you have to see.

You can get an overview of all current stage performances including ticket sales here.

The fantasy becomes a reality

When the lighting in the hall is dimmed, the first stage lights come on and the curtain rises, immerse yourself in the musical adventure. From large to small, the entire audience falls silent, because nobody wants to miss their heroes. Heroes who embody the respective story perfectly with their own songs and fantastic dance performances. With a mixture of acrobatics, modern dance and classical ballet skills, the showmen of Musical1 underline the plot of the respective stage play.


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