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We love celebrations and we love beautiful things – we want to share these passions with you

Here you will find regular articles and Inspiration from our world of ideas. Under the menu item “wedding”, for example, great ideas for planning your own wedding party wait. But even if you are invited as a guest to the marriage of a loved one, you get here great tips for gifts, games and more.

Do you also celebrate all festivals as they fall? Or are you quickly overwhelmed by the party planning? Here you are in any case correct. In “Planning Celebrations” we have creative theme party ideas, delicious recipes and practical tips collected and tell you how to bring the next family celebration, but also the birthday of your children guaranteed stress-free on the stage. Creative and craft friends heard in our “DIY” category, we collect great ideas for small and large DIY projects. Here you will find nice ideas for homemade decoration articles, Ideas for crafting with children and great DIY gifts. Speaking of gifts, under “gift ideas” we collect great presents from the extraordinary variety. End with perfume and chocolates, here we present fancy, personal and creative gift ideas. There is something for every occasion and every budget. And of course, if you’re invited to a wedding or a birthday, your gift also includes an individual greeting card. You can even design them yourself in our “shop”. Are you still looking for a greeting idea for the greeting text? In our section “Sayings & Quotes “you’ll find fun, inspirational and profound phrases and sayings of celebrities. Let yourself be inspired. We hope you enjoy browsing, celebrating and tinkering.

Tips for the successful table decoration for communion and confirmation

Communion or confirmation is an important step for children and young people on their way to adulthood. In most families it is customary to celebrate this experience with a big party. Whether you are at home or preferring to use the services of a restaurant, in any …

Fish, lamb & Co .: Tasty >

After Christmas, Easter in families is the next major family celebration, to which everyone gathers, sit together comfortably and wait with the children for the Easter bunny. Now many people have come to the time of fasting and they are patiently waiting for the sweet and hearty treats that …

Brothers Day: Personal Gifts for Brother and Sister

Most people celebrate both Mother‘s Day and Father‘s Day each year. But when did you last appreciate the special relationship with your brother or sister??

What many do not know:
On April 10, is the day of siblings – and thus the ideal opportunity to …

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