My first choice – the knowledge course for local elections, Stadtpalais – Museum for Stuttgart

My first choice - the knowledge course for local elections, Stadtpalais - Museum for Stuttgart

My first choice – the knowledge course on local elections

In the “My first choice” knowledge course, young and first-time voters will learn about the local elections on May 26, 2019, starting on April 11. Workshops and guided tours will provide in-depth insight into individual aspects.

Democracy lives from participation, thinking, engaging and above all from voting. Many young people from Stuttgart are voting for the municipal election on May 26, 2019. The Knowledge Course “My First Choice” prepares young and first-time voters for the upcoming election. The exhibition informs about the basics of voting and explains cumulating and publicizing – which can also benefit experienced voters. “I can still remember my first choice and certainly a small knowledge course would have done me good in advance. Especially the local election is rather complicated. All the more important is the visit to this knowledge course, which manages without a raised index finger, “said the First Mayor of the City of Stuttgart, Dr. med. Fabian Mayer, enthusiastic.

The knowledge course explains visitors to candidates who are in the course with their knowledge of the local election to vote. The more questions are answered correctly, the more votes can be accumulated and variegated at the end of the course. How successful the initially chosen color grouping of each Election Day was, is shown by the election result at the end of the Knowledge Course. The weekly results will be published in a poll bar in the social media under #mieersteswahl. “The playful approach of the knowledge trail, to make the voters simply voted, is fun and challenges to collect more votes than the other visitors,” says Silvia Rückert, curator and exhibition director of the StadtPalais.

For young and first-voter groups there are workshops in which, starting from the knowledge course, aspects of local elections are purposefully deepened and worked out. “In order to lure as many young people and, above all, school classes into the exhibition, we offer the workshops free of charge,” emphasizes Dr. med. Torben Giese, the director of the StadtPalais – Museum for Stuttgart.

My first choice – the knowledge course on local elections

11.04.2019 to 26.05.2019, StadtPalais, Salon Sophie, free admission

Opening my first choice 10.4. 7 pm, StadtPalais, free admission

Hands-on leadership

In this leadership you have the magazine in hand: You are candidates for the election and collect votes for your team. Together with the guides, you clarify your questions about local elections and fight for the election victory.
Duration 1 hour | Free admission
Dates individually compatible


The workshop will take place with the National Agency for Civic Education. The diverse tasks of the municipality are presented and it is shown,
how they affect people’s everyday lives. At the end you can make a choice with candidates from a fictitious community. There is of course cumulation and variegated announced –
so that at the local election on May 26, guaranteed nothing goes wrong.
Duration 2.5 hours | Free admission
Dates 22.05. and 24.05., 9: 30-12 clock
Both offers are aimed at students in the 8th to 10th grade in the field of social studies

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