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✔ iPad + iPhone – app for children 4-5 years

Ravensburger digital is extremely productive this year, releasing one app after another. The latest app is a time learning game that children can use to playfully learn to read the clock. "My first watch“Currently costs a slim € 1.99 and is offered as a universal app for iPad and iPhone.

Interactive learning clock with voice output

A children’s watch with a friendly face greets the kids and moderates all exercises that are offered in this educational game. The app is divided into 5 areas with different tasks, which we will of course briefly introduce to you:

In the first task, the children can How the clock works Explore freely and playfully by turning the hour or minute hands. This tells them that the hands rotate clockwise at different speeds and the minute hand drives the hour hand forward.

In the second exercise awaits the children Dial-Puzzle with which all components of the watch must be assigned to the correct place, whereby the watch correctly names all components. A useful exercise to help children with the Arrangement of the clock to familiarize.

In the third exercise, it is important to: correct time adjust. The desired time is displayed with numbers and also named with voice output. Unfortunately, the app is limited to full hours – the minute hand is not included in this exercise.

The fourth section does not offer an interactive exercise, but serves to explain the Half and quarter hours. With the help of a chocolate cake, the children are introduced to the usual subdivision of the clock and the foundation stone is laid for the next exercise. In the fifth section, the children have to quarter to, quarter past and half differentiate correctly – the cake is displayed to help.

German voice output

Using the info button, you can access the theory part within the exercises, which we really like. Afterwards, the games are moderated with a professional voice output, the children praised and encouraged.

Video preview

With our preview video you can watch all game modes compactly

My first watch | Children’s app rating

My first watch from Ravensburger offers a child-friendly introduction to the world of time. The didactic structure and scope make it particularly suitable for kindergarten and pre-school children from 4 years. Missing for older children we one increasing level of difficulty, which also includes the minute hand in the time setting game, as other time learning apps offer. However, the exercises are sufficient for the age group 4-5 years.

A nice detail on the side: In the first mode, the music box always shows the current time.

(+) Child-friendly design
(+) Pleasant German voice output
(+) Quality Explanations
(+) Basic introduction to the topic without being overwhelming

(-) No increasing difficulty
(-) Timekeeping game just asks full hours

You can download the app for your children here:

Children’s app developer: Ravensburger digital


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