My life in diapers – blog, for my life as a diaper sissy

My life in diapers - blog, for my life as a diaper sissy

Hello world, this website should record my development to become an adult baby, diaper sissi, diaper slave.

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This website is not suitable for children and young people under the age of 16.

diaper slave

An adult baby slave needs strong upbringing through domination, because like a baby or toddler, he must learn to obey the commands of his domination in Ageplay.

Adult baby slaves are often rebellious, disobedient, and still unable to obey the maternal orders. Like a big baby, the adult baby slave wears baby clothes, bibs, a baby hood, diapers and is occupied with typical baby doll toys: pacifier, doll, rattle, etc.

The adult baby slave is pumped like a toddler, because often adult baby slaves have a diaper fetish at the same time. But the age play in the adult baby slave does not only consist of wetting the diaper, changing the diaper and wearing a diaper, but mainly refers to situations in which the adult baby slave is delivered like a little baby.

He is fed and put in a baby cage, the rulers play with him and sometimes even give the baby boy a baby name. Like a big babydoll, the adult baby slave always wears cute baby bodysuits or cute sissy dresses.

Of course, a baby-friendly playroom is perfect for the adult baby slave, in which he gets pampers on a changing mat or is fed with a spoon in a giant baby high chair.

The adult baby slave can also receive pacifiers and baby bottles in such a baby room. Delivered to the imperious substitute mother, the adult baby slave is punished again and again, as in the classic upbringing, and is given spanking for upbringing on his wet diapers.

The adult baby slave, as a cute but dependent baby doll, is at the mercy of the masters of punishment, receives care and punishment equally at her discretion. The adult baby slave learns to fully trust the leadership of the rule and to submit to their age play like a small adult baby.

The type of baby clothing – pink sissy or maid dresses for adult baby maids and light blue rompers for adult baby boys – can rule the gender of the adult baby slave. According to the Babybdoll assignment as a girl or boy, she will give him other learning tasks.

diaper slave

The direction of the upbringing towards the diaper slave, unlike the adult baby slave, is more towards the diaper fetish. The focus is on diapers.

Therefore, the diaper slave must of course always wear diapers when he comes to a parenting session. Whether he wears cloth diapers, disposable plastic diapers or plastic pants is left to the wishes of the government.

Diaper lovers are brought up to be diaper slaves by having to wear the diaper for a long time, literally swim in their own urine and have to keep the heavy, wet diaper on when doing chores.

Some diaper fetish slaves are also trained as diaper girls. Then, in addition to the diaper, they are also equipped with typically feminine toddler clothing such as sissy dresses, panties, pink baby rompers, etc..

Diaper girls are provided with a chastity belt and anal plug to educate them sexually about chaste behavior.

Whether a rule will wrap the diaper slave depends mostly on his behavior. Because pamping and changing is a great reward for a diaper slave with a diaper fetish.

Diaper lovers love to wear their wet diapers, but they are even more happy when the gentlemen put on new diapers. Sometimes the diaper slave has to wear several layers of diapers, so that he serves with a thick diaper package around the slave’s rear.

If the rule wants to give the diaper slave a particularly humiliating task, he has to go shopping in wet diapers with plastic pants. It is best for the diaper slave to buy new pampers in the medical supply store, which even extreme diaper lovers are blushed.

Such lessons serve their educational purpose for the big babies when the diaper slave gets too cocky. Even spanking on the soaked diaper bottom does not lack the chaste effect.

The diaper slave receives diaper education from the government, but of course has to pay for his equipment of cloth diapers, pampers, plastic clothing etc. himself and clean, wash or dispose of them according to the instructions of the government.
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