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With a child sponsorship you help a needy child in Nepal to a sufficient and healthy nutrition, access to clean drinking water, medical care and education. This enables this child to develop healthily and to use his or her own resources. By doing so, you give this child the prospect of a better future. With the equivalent of less than 1 euro a day, you can change the life of this child forever.

  • Over 40% of the population of Nepal is younger than 18 years, about 10% younger than 5 years
  • about every third child
  • Less than half of all children in Nepal can be medically treated for symptoms of pneumonia or persistent diarrhea
  • only 7% of children have access to antibiotics at all and the blockade in Nepal is currently exacerbating the situation
  • Child labor is still widespread in Nepal and affects around 30% of boys and 38% of girls
  • about 15% of children are married (mostly for financial reasons) before the age of 15
  • one in four girls aged 15-24 is illiterate
  • About 70% of all children in Nepal have to drop out of school after 4th grade. Many of them to work in the field instead.

Sponsoring a child is probably the most personal form of support. You know exactly which child you support, where they live, what their interests, hopes or problems are and you will receive all further information so that you can get an impression of the personality of your sponsored child. You also get a detailed insight into the child’s environment, i.e. the family situation, school, everyday life and living conditions. Of course we keep you whatever about the development of your sponsored child. This is also important because with your sponsorship you not only support the child in its development, but also the family or the people with whom it lives. Many of the children we suggest for our sponsorship program are half or full orphans. They often live with their grandparents (often only the grandmother is still there), who as farmers have no income and can take care of themselves, let alone raise a child. Other children have no family at all and, because of financial difficulties, live in constantly changing, strange households.

How is the donation money used??

  • Access to adequate, healthy nutrition and clean Drinking water
  • Health insurance and health education in the families. We are always available for children and families and are in constant contact. Should medical help we find out immediately and can react quickly
  • sufficiently clean and weather-appropriate dress
  • Enabling the school attendance (School / exam fee, school uniform)
  • Promotion of school education (Learning materials)
  • Promotion of extra-curricular activities (e.g. birthday, hobbies, sports, connection to the community)

We believe it is important that the children can stay in their familiar surroundings for as long as possible and are not indiscriminately taken to one of the many children’s homes in the big cities.

With a sponsorship you can help a child in his home, with his family or in his environment stay and Nevertheless the prospect of a better future and growing up to be an educated and responsible adult. In doing so, you support sustainable projects that last up to 16 years and benefit not only your sponsored child but also the family and the entire village community.


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