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by Mrs Locke – Posted 3 August 2014 – Updated 29 April 2018

Window picture owls

2 September 2013

by Mrs. Locke – Published 2. September 2013 – Last modified 30. April 2018

Name tag with owls

by Mrs. Locke – Published 7. August 2014 – Last modified 29. April 2018

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They look very nice, thank you very much!

They’re really great! Actually my new class should also become an owl class, but now I have a textbook with another hand puppet and I still have to think about whether everything else will be “eulig” or not. We don’t actually use the class name anyway.Corinna

If you don’t have an owl class, they can also be used as station signs. Thank you very much for your great work. Greetings from Hobby Mouse

Wow, the signs look great! I’d also like to have an owl class there. But because of my textbook it is with us the tigers. Do you betray me, like that also in such a way hinbekommenme, if I may take up your idea? love greetings! Ina

Hello Ina, in the end it’s just frames that I created and filled with Publisher and a clipart that sits on it. So I would first look for a tiger picture that I like and then choose something suitable in Publisher as a sign filling. That doesn’t have to be wood, it can simply be a suitable color. LG Nicole

Hello Mrs. Locke, ingenious and very tastefully designed. Great also the many variations, there it does not become monotonous or too uniform, although the material comes from the computer. What are you planning to do with material for your owl class? Are there any owl rules planned (report, listen attentively, be quiet etc.)? Please don’t misunderstand this demand, but after your ingenious owl services and owl signs, I’m considering whether I might even implement something completely new with my new class. Sure, the cupboards are not less full , but sometimes “change of scenery” simply does you good.

Lg and thank you for sharing!

Hello Sanny, thanks for your kind comment! There are already very nice owl rules from the magic time, if you want to stay with the topic I myself use the material from the Verlag an der Ruhr, the pictures are simply great and appealing for small and big children. Soon there will be the new window picture template for my owls, as well as various tags. But there won’t be bigger projects like rules or services. LG Nicole

… I also have them and I share your opinion: they are really good and meaningful – I could hardly have imagined that with owls (with and my abilities to design my own cliparts ). THANKS also for the “preview” – I’m looking forward to it!

Don’t forget to relax a little during the holidays ;-)!

Hello Sanny, that could never happen to me, don’t worry LG

Thank you, Mrs. Locke, for the instructions! I’ve tried it with the frames in Word and it also works quite well, but if I want to “put the tiger with the feet on it” I do not get the “white rectangle” of the picture away. I will try further. Thanks for the idea! LG Ina

Hello everybody, I am at a secondary school, but also there owls are very popular. Last year I glued small owls made of clay paper (available for little money at Dawanda) on clothespins and gave them their names. The SuS love these and even now, although they are in the 6th grade, the owls had to go with them. Unfortunately I cannot upload a photo…. But I’m sure you’re all creative enough to imagine that. Ich I’m looking forward to the window owls! Liebe GreetingsClaudia

to Ina, I always had this problem before, until Marion from Kruschkiste gave me the appropriate tip. You can read about it under “Tips and Templates” – “Tips” – “Make the background of a graphic invisible “LG, Agleh

Many thanks for the valuable tip! I am very happy about the answer! I’ll experiment right now! :-))Best regards! Ina

Hello! I think the shoulder signs are really great Would you like to ask if you can make such shoulder signs with penguins? Glg

Hello Mrs. Locke!I think the signs are really great;Would it also be possible to publish them in a different format?thank you and best wishes

Dear Anonymous, since I will keep my children for the time being, there will be no innovations around name badges in the next year. Many greetings, Nicole

super material!! Did you happen to do this with frogs? I simply like it super!

It’s a good thing I’m getting an owl class this year. The name badges are so beautiful! thank you very much for these great templates. The children will surely be just as enthusiastic as I. Best regardsKatharina

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