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12/19/2015 by H. Gustin

Every child’s foot is unique. That is why Däumling wants to meet its individual needs perfectly. Thanks to the width measurement system WMS (wide – medium – narrow), the width specialist in the children’s shoe area can respond precisely to every foot shape. When measuring the length and width of the foot for choosing the right shoe, WMS-trained specialists can assist you.

Baby shoes from Däumling (source: Däumling)

At Däumling, delicate children’s feet find support like no other shoe, and at the same time they are given enough space to grow. The German shoe manufacturer Däumling produces according to the three-last principle: there are special lasts for this brand for every shoe width. So that parents can quickly and easily find out whether it is still big enough after buying a Däumling shoe, Däumling has a removable leather insert with the "green area".

Classic narrow children’s shoes up to size 42 (source: Däumling)

The brand always attaches great importance to a beautiful, classic design, so that Däumling shoes not only please parents, but also make their little wearers happy.

Twins&Trackstyle: The perfect companion for cool K >12/08/2015 by H. Gustin

For the young brand Twins&Trackstyle is life a big adventure … and of course the best way to explore it is with the right shoes. They should be good for your feet – and beautiful!

Every model from the family company is a real eye-catcher: the designer team from Twins&Trackstyle is inspired when traveling around the world to create the special style of the brand.

With these smart shoes, you also lay a solid foundation for good foot health in the growth phase: for twins for girls and track style for guys the wellbeing of the children’s feet is in the foreground, because after all our feet accompany us throughout life. Different lengths and widths ensure a perfect fit, so that every child’s foot can find excellent support and at the same time enough space to grow. The shoe thus forms an optimal unit with the foot – the perfect companion for the adventures of life!

A colorful dream of girls’ shoes

November 17th, 2015 by H. Gustin

Image source: Bisgaard Sko

The selection of children’s shoes is particularly diverse for little girls: each collection is like a wonderful bouquet of models and colors. There is something for every wish and every outfit.

The shoe designers let your imagination run wild: ballerinas, clasps and sandals for summer, boots, boots and loafers for the cold season. All colors from pastel to bright, even silver and gold can be found. In autumn, delicate tones such as beige and rosé can be combined particularly well with a beautiful autumnal look. With rivets, lacquer, buckles and fur you can also set all kinds of accents. Applications and sequins give numerous models that certain something. No wishes remain unfulfilled for the little girls. Teenage girls are also spoiled for choice: for them there are rather simple ones models or trendy boots whose style ranges from rocky to sporty.

Of course, the fit is crucial for the little feet. Important: Up to the age of 6, children have no feeling for "pressing" shoes. The parents must then pay particular attention to the well-being of children’s feet when buying shoes.

A perfect shoe for every child’s foot thanks to WMS

11/10/2015 by H. Gustin

The German children’s shoe manufacturer Däumling has many years of experience in the manufacture of narrow children’s shoes. Delicate children’s feet find support here like in no other shoe. Especially with narrow feet, buying suitable shoes is not easy, no matter what age. In addition to the expectations of the design, the fit is of course particularly important. Especially in the growth phase, the shoes have to fit perfectly while leaving room to grow.

Thanks to the width measurement system, Däumling children’s shoes perfectly meet the needs of narrow, medium and wide feet. To choose the right shoe, you should measure the length and width of the foot. WMS-trained specialists can assist you particularly well in the search for the right shoe.

The collection for the upcoming 2015/2016 season is once again very versatile: you can choose from cozy, warm first-time shoes with a Tex membrane, elegant boots and even cool sneakers.

Cole Bounce Restore: Best friends – Best shoes

10/12/2015 by H. Gustin

Expressive design: Cole Bounce Restore sneaker (Image source: Cole Bounce Restore)

Cole Bounce Restore is a young label with a fresh design, the best materials and excellent workmanship. The trendy children’s shoes from Cole Bounce Restore quickly become a favorite and follow their wearer like best friends at every turn through everyday life.

For the coming season 2015/2016, Cole Bounce Restore will be sporty and trendy again. The autumn-winter collection is characterized by sneakers with a high shaft and stylish, large tongue and boots.

With their cool, street-inspired style, the Cole Bounce Restore children’s shoes are real gems. Everything from gray to colorful can be found in the range. The shoes are often decorated with rivets and buckles. Gaudy or classic – the new collection from Cole Bounce Restore leaves nothing to be desired.

But the diverse models all have one thing in common: they are extremely comfortable to wear. Thanks to a comfortable leather interior and a soft, removable leather inner sole, boys and girls can walk comfortably through the streets. The sneakers by Cole Bounce Restore with a short skirt or trendy chinos are particularly casual.

83% of all people carry too big or too little shoes. Both variants are harmful and lead to misalignments, especially in small children.

Measure children’s feet according to WMS.
Here you will find instructions on how to best prepare your child and take the length measurement at home. Measuring template for children’s feet


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