Nationwide workshops – support for families with small incomes

Targeted support and better support for families with low incomes through parental companions on site

The one-day workshops "Ensuring that children grow up well: targeted support for families with low incomes" are aimed at qualified parents who want to better inform and support families with small earnings. In 2019 and 2020, the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs will hold a total of 50 events across Germany.


Around 1.6 million families in Germany have only a small income. Because of their financial situation, these families often have fewer opportunities to support their children and cope with everyday family life. With the Strong Family Law, the Federal Government would particularly like to support families in precarious income situations – the child supplement should be increased and the education and participation package should be improved. Unfortunately, many families do not know the benefits to which they are entitled, so that they are not used. In order to provide targeted support to more families, it is particularly important to provide them with the necessary information.


The topic of poverty is multifaceted and omnipresent for numerous families living on low incomes. In this workshop, qualified parents’ carers initially receive specific information on the causes, symptoms and consequences of a shortage of income.

You will learn the most important benefits for families with low incomes and learn where and how these benefits can be applied for. They exchange ideas about targeted empowerment for families with small earnings and receive information on specific network structures in the social area.

You acquire practical skills for the prejudice-oriented addressing of families with low incomes and enabling affected parents (parts) to talk to each other in order to recognize needs and (shame) feelings overcome to be able to.

The workshops are carried out by lecturers for parenting qualification.

working methods

The workshop includes short lectures, role-playing games from the practice of parents’ carers, exercises, colleagues consultation, Small group work, material and handouts.


Participation in the workshop is free of charge. Travel expenses cannot be covered.

Entry requirements and certificate

The workshop is aimed at qualified parents’ guides. In addition, there are no formal admission requirements. At the end of the workshop you will receive a certificate of participation.


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