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Traveling with a child – why (with a book review)?

Miriam and I have already made some trips together and have discovered many countries together. But why is traveling so much fun and why does it take such an important part of our lives? And what do we draw from common adventures in foreign countries? A very special book has now inspired me to think about it.

The 10 best day hikes with child in Slovenia

Slovenia is the ideal destination for hiking with children. One third of the small country consists of mountains and you can do many different outdoor activities here. From simple day hikes with children in Slovenia to serious tours, you can find everything here – all within a few hours drive from the capital, Ljubljana. In cooperation with our friend Barbara von Freeliving Adventures we have put together the (for us …) ten best day hikes with children in Slovenia, which are easy to reach. There is something for everyone here!

Langtang Trek with child – an incredible adventure in Nepal

“Mom, look, there’s a yak!” Miriam turns around and runs in my direction after she’s actually turned the corner of the trail that meanders through the Langtang Mountains. She wanted to see a yak since we left a few days ago, and now she’s really excited. With every step I take, I can see a little bit more of the impressive animal. First the horns, then the fluffy head and finally the whole yak in all its glory. It lies in the grass, chews its mouth full of grass, with the snow-covered mountains in the background. Could a view be even more perfect? I do not think so.

The Langtang trek in Nepal is one of the most famous trekking routes in the country. Langtang National Park is located north of Kathmandu and borders Tibet. There are three well-known trekking routes here that can also be combined: Langtang, Helambu and the Tamang Heritage Trail. Unfortunately, the area suffered a lot from the earthquake in 2015, but it has also been rebuilt a lot. Last year, after a long dream, Miriam and I finally got to do the Langtang Trek and had a wonderful time. Now we finally report on the blog about the Langtang Trek with child.

Wellness with a child – A day at the Tranquility Spa in Kathmandu

Life in Kathmandu and Nepal can be exhausting, and sometimes we just need a break. Last week it was time again and we had a very special treat – a day at the Tranquility Spa at the Soaltee Hotel in Kathmandu. The Tranquility Spa has altogether x different locations, the one at the Soaltee has just been reopened and has a lot to offer.

To spend a nice day, Miriam and I decided to book a massage first and then spend the day at and in the pool. Miriam chose the lightest form of massage, the Aroma Therapy, I booked an Ayurveda massage.

Day Trip from Kathmandu – Visiting a Tea Farm

Tea is an incredibly important drink in Nepal – every Nepali begins his day with a glass of tea. If you are visiting, you will immediately get a tea, and the country is known for the tea gardens in Ilam that can compete with Darjeeling. Tea belongs to Nepal as well as Dal Bhat and the mountains.

Last week, Miriam and I visited a small, organic tea farm and got a picture of how it is grown and processed. And of course we were also allowed to try. The tea farm can be reached in one to two hours from Kathmandu, making it ideal for a day trip from the capital.

Welcome to Miriam and Eva on the way! For more than five years, we are already traveling the world and are still full of adventure. This blog is all about traveling and walking with children – because everything that takes place outside is our passion!

We spend most of our time in Nepal or Germany, but since 2016 we are also traveling a lot. Our absolute favorite country in Europe is now Slovenia!

Have fun browsing, and we look forward to comments, travel suggestions and contacts!

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