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All on 4 stands for a treatment concept with which an entire jaw is immediately replaced with new fixed teeth with only 4 implants.

Dr. Ayna is the only dentist in Germany with an All on 4 study and now with 2 studies.

Most of these users have learned this from Dr. Ayna.

Do not confuse the studies with the titles to be purchased, such as Allon 4 Competence Centres, which do not have any scientific reputation or proof.

In Germany there are estimated 100,000 dentists, I have the only first and now the second All on 4 study.

All on 4 Dr. Ayna patient case fixed teeth in one day

Fixed teeth on a TAg All on 4 Dr. Ayna Fall 2

All on 4 Dr. Ayna Fall 3


I am proud to be the first German dentist as early as 2014, with the study “Comprehensive comparison of the 5-year results of ‘All-on-4’ mandibular. ” the restoration of chewing function in patients.

In the renowned American specialist dental journal “Journal of Oral Implantology” the article :

„Comprehensive comparison of the 5-year results of ‘All-on-4’ mandibular implant systems with acrylic and ceramic suprastructures, respectively“ veröffentlicht.

Topic: Immediate implants in the mandible in patients.

Please do not confuse our studies with advertisements from other clinics and practices.

Our studies in these journals are renowned professional journals.

The Journal of Oral Implantology is the publication organ of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry.

In 2017 I have examined the first and the only study Festsitzend All on 4 in comparison to removable bridge variant.

“A comparative study on 7-year results of “All-on-Four™” immediate-function concept for completely edentulous mandibles: metal-ceramic vs. bar-retained superstructures” Ayna, M., Gülses, A. & Acil, Y. Odontology (2017), DOI:10.1007/s10266-017-0304-7

Dr. med dent Mustafa Ayna MSc MSc has been training dental specialists for implantology in oral surgery, immediate implants, stem cells, dental prostheses and periodontology at the Danube University since 2010.

In numerous lectures at scientific congresses, dentists from all over Europe were able to benefit from the findings of Dr. Mustafa Ayna’s practice.


  • Within hours you will receive a new tooth
  • The method (4 implants per jaw) does not require bone augmentation.
  • They can bite powerfully with their new beautiful teeth after treatment
  • You have no prosthetic parts in your palate and you can enjoy your meal tastefully again.
  • If you are not satisfied with your removable prosthesis, or suffer from loss of your teeth, or want immediate dental care
  • The (4 implants per jaw) method is much cheaper than the usual treatment (bone augmentation treatment with 6-10 implants per jaw).


  • Only a few dentists with studies
  • Many Google dentists with promises and no scientific evidence
  • Marketing promise of dentists with competence centers without content and proof

More and more patients today want an implant restoration that does without removable dentures and creates “fixed teeth” that look and feel the same as natural teeth.

Until now, total restoration with dental implants was extremely time-consuming, as 6-8, sometimes even 10 implants were placed per jaw and often additional bone augmentation was necessary.

The very time-consuming, painful and time-consuming bone augmentation required for traditional dentures can be avoided with this surgical method.

This meant very high costs for the patient, which for many were out of financial reach. In addition, treatment times were often up to 12 months before completion of the bridge, with months of tedious healing phases that had to be bridged with removable full dentures.

In the posterior region, the amount of bone available for implant placement is usually unfavorable. In the upper jaw, the maxillary sinuses take up a lot of space and a bone augmentation is usually necessary for a direct implant placement in the molar region.

In the toothless lower jaw, bone resorption in the posterior region is more pronounced than in the anterior region. Treatment and cost-efficient concepts have been developed to provide edentulous patients with four implants per jaw with a fast and cost-effective complete fixed dental care.

For most people, dentures are synonymous with toothlessness and the loss of vitality, youth and beauty.

In fact, the extent of toothlessness and the psychosocial and physiological consequences are often only known to those who have to endure it.

The loss of teeth results in local bone loss with dramatic consequences for the entire facial contour.

The chewing performance is reduced by up to 80%, which means that the control and sensory functions of the tongue are also reduced.

Tooth loss also has negative consequences on general health .

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