New years eve for families with children – new years eve in berlin

New Years Eve for families with children - New Years Eve in Berlin

New Years Eve for families with children

Early fireworks for children

Fireworks at the Europa Center

Traditionally, four fireworks are lit at the Christmas market on Breitscheidplatz directly in front of the Europa Center. more

New Year’s Eve 4 at the Spandau Citadel

At 3 p.m. the family program starts at the Spandau Citadel with many attractions for children and a total of four fireworks. more

Organize your own fireworks

Fireworks with children: tips for families

For many families, fireworks are traditionally part of New Year’s Eve. These safety measures should be followed by families with children so that no injuries spoil the joy of New Year’s fireworks. more

The big bang: tips for buying

Buy New Year’s fireworks: A change of the year without fireworks is inconceivable. Attention should be paid to these points. more

New Year’s games to pass the time

Pouring lead and pouring wax

The best-known New Year’s Eve is probably pouring lead: the lead melted in an old spoon over a candle is tipped into the water. And then the guesswork begins. Tip: Use non-toxic wax instead of lead. more

New Year’s games for children

There are a few long hours to be bridged between dinner and midnight. To keep children in a good mood, games are a great way to pass the time. more

Snacks and appetizers

Finger food: spicy muffins

Hearty muffins with peppers, mushrooms, bacon, fine herbs and spicy cheese. more

The classic: potato salad with Wiener

Potato salad is one of the most popular party salads for young and old. You can quickly and easily prepare it in any quantity and store it wonderfully. more

New Year’s snacks for children

Whether cooking together or eating together: These New Year’s snacks accompany families through the long New Year’s Eve. more

More New Years

New Year’s Eve parties for the whole family

Anyone who thinks that parties and children are not compatible is wrong. These Berlin New Year’s Eve parties for families prove it. more

Events on December 31st

A selection of interesting concerts, theater and cabaret performances, shows & Musicals on December 31st in Berlin. more

New Year’s Eve customs from around the world

Every country and nation has its own customs and rituals on New Year’s Eve. Interesting customs at the turn of the year in different countries more

Price hit: Berlin in a top hotel

If you want to start the new year with a train trip to Berlin, you now have the unique opportunity to get a cheap flat rate. more

Party search

Party, party, party!

The All Inclusive Penthouse New Years Party 19/20

The Berlin New Year’s party of a very special kind. A unique start to the new year. New Year’s Eve in the Karlsson Penthouse in Berlin. more

New Year’s Eve 2019/2020 on 3 floors in Kosmos Berlin

Celebrate Berlin’s most legendary New Year’s party "Gold meets silver" in the cosmos. The former cinema opens its doors again this year and offers you the perfect start to 2019. more

New Year’s Eve Deluxe on 4 floors in the Spree Palace

Not far from the famous Alexanderplatz, the Spreepalais Alexanderplatz offers you an unforgettable New Year’s Eve in the arc of tension between industrial chic and modernity on 4 event areas. more

New Year’s Eve all inclusive in the Homebase Lounge

The Homebase Lounge at Potsdamer Platz in the listed building is one of the most exclusive locations on New Year’s Eve in Berlin. more

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