New year’s eve in hanover: parties, new year’s eve run – dinner (2019

Grab your schedule: Your New Year’s Eve in Hanover will be packed. At least if you want to.

New Year’s Eve in Hanover is often started with a morning drink, the noble variant of the preheating in the morning. If you like it a little sportier, take part in the New Year’s Eve run around Hannovers Maschsee.

So starved you can enjoy a New Year’s Eve dinner in one of the restaurants before you have to decide for one of the New Year’s Eve parties in the Hanover clubs.

Does everything sound a little much? So that you don’t lose track, we tell you how to celebrate the most beautiful New Year’s Eve in Hanover:

The best parties, the most beautiful restaurants, the most spectacular fireworks views. Raise the cups!

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Charity tradition: the New Year’s Eve run in Hanover

It gets sporty. The New Year’s Eve run in Hanover is an annual magnet for Professionals, hobby runners and even children.

The sporty New Year’s event takes you around Lake Maschsee. Adult runners and Nordic walkers put on one Distance of 5.8 kilometers back, children run 1,000 meters. The little ones start at 12:15 p.m., the big ones start at 12:45 p.m. 12:55 p.m. also means for Nordic Walkers: off to the new year.

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The minor Participation fee of € 10 are donated to non-profit organizations. You will not only receive a certificate of participation, but you can also get the incredibly good mood at New Year’s Eve Run Hanover capture.

Paramedics take care of your well-being. Once you’ve made it, you can reward with a mulled wine. Maybe you cracked your personal best?

The Maschsee in Hanover is also a particularly popular destination on New Year’s Eve to relax and away from the hustle and bustle of the big city Fireworks over the city to marvel at

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The best New Year’s Eve parties in Hanover

Stösschen! For New Year’s Eve, the champagne glasses clink on every street corner in Hanover. And in the morning.

Some New Year’s Eve parties in Hanover actually start with Morning pint, the stylish preheating.

in the Brewery Ernst August you can, for example, stay seated until the evening and into the New Year’s party and the new one year slide. But the earlier you start celebrating New Year’s Eve in Hanover, the earlier you’ll be tired.

Too bad, because many New Year’s Eve parties in Hanover go into the early morning. Party hoppers best celebrate their New Year’s Eve in Hannover-Linden. In the young district, there is one bar after the other.

Chic in the Hanover old town to. At least if you don’t sink into one of the violent New Year’s Eve events in the clubs of Hanover.

13 top New Year’s Eve parties in Hanover

Hello dear trash, let’s just pack it up together. It’s not just on New Year’s Eve Chéz Heinz in Hanover-Linden a guarantor for awkward movements to boy band hits and other freaky things. People are relaxed, prices are fair. It is not so bad that the beer sometimes ends up on the pants during the fidgeting.

The New Year’s Eve party at HCC Hanover is big, above all. The radio station N-Joy turns up pretty much everything that is available in the huge domed hall. Several floors from hip hop to house to hits of the 70s and 80s drive you through the evening. New Year’s Eve at HCC Hannover is incredibly popular. Buy the tickets early.

Definite recommendation for electro fans. At the New Year’s Eve party in Weidendamm, the residents and the energy cannon Anna Reusch push a neat package of EDM, techno, drum’n’bass and co on your hips on 3 floors. Come in comfortable clothes. There is no dress code. Just be careful not to trip the DJs on the floor on the desk.

60s / 70s years Hits, Rock’n’Roll, Soul and Trash: The New Year’s Eve party at the Heartbreak Hotel is the perfect opportunity to get rid of snazzy chic and finally dance the right way again. Everything has been sighted here, from awkward rocking to a film-like couple dance. Delicious beer and relaxed audience.

Fist on fist. Well then, greet the nice strangers on the dance floor like your best friend. In addition to heart to heart and 90s pop, there is also skin on skin on the dance floor. At least if you dance wildly on the electro floor in the Mephisto and accidentally graze someone. It gets full and damn good.

In the small club at the Steintor it can get a little tighter on the single floor. Good music mix for fans of black, hip hop, R’n’B and dancehall. The audience tends to be young and already has a few drinks in mind. Not surprising for a New Year’s Eve party in Hanover. The motto: Hip Hop Masked Ball. New Year’s Eve buffet and show on top.

Party in concert hall. If you can’t decide whether you want to watch the tenth repeat of Dinner for One at home or rather celebrate with your friends, the compromise is: New Year’s Eve party at the Capitol. Pancakes at midnight, multiple floors, house, hip hop, retro and rock. Party for everyone. With Dinner for One.

The small concert club Lux in Linden has been organizing New Year’s Eve parties for years with a simple but effective concept: celebrating New Year’s Eve in a small hall, music mix from disco to house to 80s, fair prices and a somewhat battered, not too chic atmosphere. Do not dress too warm, you will sweat a lot.

New Year’s rocket space monkey. Everything could really be hidden behind this name. Real connoisseurs know: In the Monkeys, the extra portion of potassium from the banana is an advantage if you want to twist and jive into the new year with a firm, energetic look to soul classics of the 60s, jazz pearls and disco beats. No escalation, but a casual evening.

Real cult disco in a glass rondelle. For New Year’s Eve, the Osho in Hanover serves up everything that can be found. House, hip hop, retro classics and R’n’B really get going. Since the Osho Disco is located directly at the main train station, you don’t have to walk long and can save all your energy for the New Year’s party.

Refueled and rocked along. Even the most stubbornly trained triceps are made to flicker in the Glocksee. Evergreens, Balkans, indie and soul reliably pull yours in the café hands in the air. In the Indiego, you will eventually lose all body tension and wiggle to Britney Spears, NSYNC and the intro of the gummy bear gang.

Preheating. Or morning pint, as was said earlier. It is almost a tradition in Hanover to make a pilgrimage to the market hall on the edge of the old town on New Year’s Eve and to start the day tipsy. Extremely well attended. The practical thing: you can not only toast in a sociable community, but also eat all sorts of delicacies at the stands.

At some New Year’s Eve parties in Hanover, you really ask yourself: Why not? If you are not in the mood for club crowds, but are still looking for a bit of a disco feeling and want to do something wonderfully quirky with your crew, we recommend the New Year’s Eve party in Bowling World. With DJ, buffet and free drinks.


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