New year’s eve with child in hamburg – what to do

The bellies are still full of Christmas dinner, but the next festival is imminent! It will soon be time again: New Year’s Eve 2019 – the old year will be adopted and the new one will be greeted with great spectacle.

Especially with children, the question arises early on "What are we going to do on New Year’s Eve this year?" Celebrate with or without the child? Maybe not celebrating at all and going to bed early? To invite friends? Hire the grandparents or order a babysitter? Hamburg also spontaneously move Sweeping away from the hustle and bustle, the noisy guns and the many rockets may be an option for some?

Kindaling has come up with some options, like this year New Year’s Eve for the whole family becomes an experience. With our tips, we guarantee a lot of fun for every age group, which will certainly not bring any additional stress for parents and make New Year’s Eve with children something special.

Go to bed early on New Year’s Eve

Let’s start with a very calm and relaxed New Year’s tip! At least on New Year’s Eve with a baby, going to bed early is a really solid option. There are many in our circle of friends who just slept through the turn of the year. And: it wasn’t bad at all! No wonder if the nights are short and there is a lack of sleep. Most parents’ horror show: the little ones wake up to the New Year’s Eve fireworks display in the middle of the night. But to reassure you, this rarely happens, but of course it depends on where you live.

2. Stay at home on New Year’s Eve

It’s still the most beautiful at home. It doesn’t always have to be the biggest New Year’s Eve party: celebrating at home on a small scale with your closest friends or even with your family has a special charm. With the right evening program, the party will be remembered for all ages. Very important: don’t forget the party hats, a suitable decoration and delicious snacks. Here are some ideas for evening planning:

to invite friends and cook and eat together. The best thing is for the children to help, for example their own Pizza occupy. If there are other playmates, the whole thing is twice as much fun.

Or take out the fairing box and clean yourself out together. Who can still adhere to the old North German tradition Rummelpott running recall? Children move from house to house and beg for sweets. Maybe it’s time for a revival?

If the children are a little older, there is also a game night a beautiful thing! Classics like Man don’t annoy you, Memory and or U.N. are always fun for children.

If you can still see sweets after Christmas: How about one, for example chocolate fountain – delicious fruits can also be served. The advantage: the food is fun, looks great and lets time fly by.

So that the New Year’s Eve feeling really sets in, you can Countdown balloons handcraft. This is not only a lot of fun and lets the excitement rise and split from hour to hour, but is also the perfect New Year’s Eve decoration with a wow effect: just fill balloons with glitter and / or confetti for every hour and leave them behind burst the right balloon at the right time. If you want, you can also put a piece of paper with a task in the balloon, such as: ‘Finding the surprise’ (you should have hidden a little something in the apartment, of course), ‘Time for potting’, ‘Time to sing and Dancing ‘, or’ time to tinker and paint ‘.

Pedagogically not the most valuable thing, but to shorten the time on New Year’s Eve a little Netflix and the like a good Help. Apart from the traditional ‘Dinner for One’, a nice film is like "How to train your dragon" (FSK 6) a fun entertainment program for children and adults.

When the time comes and the clock strikes midnight, you can go outside and there Missiles rise to let. For each rocket everyone can think of a unique wish, whether for the next year or just like that. Of course, everyone has to keep their wishes to themselves, otherwise, as is well known, they cannot be fulfilled!

3. Get out of the booth and pull through the streets together

For those who need a little more hustle and bustle on New Year’s Eve, there are great New Year’s Eve events aimed specifically at families. Here you can celebrate the last evening of the year with your children:

Fireworks on the Alster – Be cozy by the water with the kids and enjoy the New Year’s fireworks. Even before midnight there is a mood. Great places to meet friends are the Kennedy or Lombard Bridge. It’s always nice on the Elbe beach too.

Children’s New Year’s Eve in SPRUNG.RAUM – Here kids can let off steam and jump, hop, hop. So that everyone stays awake and even the youngest do not fall asleep, there is a pre-party here: The party goes from 4 to 6 p.m..

Musical visit with the whole family – In the musical city of Hamburg with the whole family in the musical, that doesn’t sound like a great one & relaxed New Year’s Eve? Especially "The Lion King" Klein has been thrilling for years & Large, the journey by ferry is a highlight.

4. Bring the children to the grandparents

Finally celebrate again! Nobody will resent you if you want to enjoy a childless night on New Year’s Eve and let it crack for two or with friends. The grandparents will definitely be happy to have the little ones to themselves again and the kids go on an excursion and enjoy the change of scenery. An enrichment for everyone.

But be careful, dear parents: The hangover can be huge when you are out of training. And who doesn’t know it, as soon as the children are out of the house, you miss them again!

5. Escape from Hamburg on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve in Hamburg can be tough, especially in the noisy corners. How about this wonderful alternative: take flight! For example, planning a small vacation, visiting friends outside the city or renting a small cottage in the country or by the sea. Invite a few friends or enjoy the time only with your family.

With this in mind, we, your Kindaling Team, wish you a happy new year and a wonderful start to the new year!


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