New year’s eve with children in hamburg: where is the best place for families to celebrate the end of the year?

In the beautiful Hanseatic city of Hamburg you can of course contest the end of the New Year’s Eve. The whole city is on its feet on New Year’s Eve, great fireworks, which are particularly beautifully reflected in the Elbe and Alster, a great atmosphere. Horns and bugles are really impressive. The fireworks at the Landungsbrücken are of course particularly impressive and atmospheric, but not necessarily an insider tip. Experience has shown that it gets very crowded and crowded there. So if you don’t want to move around with a lot of drunk people with your children, you better avoid the area. Incidentally, the Elbe tunnel is closed for security reasons.

With older children there is a musical, a walk on the Elbe, with smaller ones, oh, just read our top 7 New Year’s tips for families with children in Hamburg!

Watch fireworks on the Alster

The New Year’s fireworks display in Hamburg is a must! With its waters and great houses, Hamburg simply offers the perfect backdrop for atmospheric fireworks. If you want to avoid the crowds at the jetties, we recommend the fireworks on the Alster. It won’t be empty there either, but it’s much more relaxed there. If you can’t hold out until midnight: even before midnight, party-goers gather here for a chat and a chat. The Kennedy and Lombards Bridge are good meeting places for New Year’s Eve on the Alster.

Alternatively, it is nice on the Elbe beach. There is a beach feeling all year round and the atmosphere is particularly relaxed.

Ice skating in the Hamburg ice arena

The open-air ice rink in Planten and Blomen is a great experience for adults and Children. Gliding over the ice in the open air is not only fun, but also very relaxing. And, of course, that shouldn’t be neglected, the fresh air makes children tired and may make them fall asleep early on New Year’s Eve.

Skates from size 24 can be hired on site, baby walkers are also available.

Info: On New Year’s Eve, the ice arena is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m..

Ice arena Hamburg
Holstenwall 30
20355 Hamburg

Hop into the new year at the New Year’s Eve party in the diving room

Doesn’t that bring luck if you hop into the new year? In the trampoline paradise, children can jump tiredly until 6 p.m. with disco music and a light show. Then there is a Berliner and a lucky rocket and you can end the evening relaxed at home.

JUMP SPACE Trampoline Park Hamburg
At Neumarkt 38 ​​C.
22041 Hamburg

Have the rollercoaster deliver the food to the Rollercoaster Restaurant

Now it is getting a bit weird, in the truest sense of the word, because the food comes here to you by roller coaster. The Schwerelos Rollercoaster Restaurant itself is a fun experience: food and drinks are brought on rails that crisscross the room. There is a lot to be amazed at and to look at, not only for the children. The location in old Palm storage is impressive. And on New Year’s Eve there is a big family party. I don’t know now whether we would absolutely go there without children, but it is definitely fun with children. Especially since there is so much to amaze the kids that you can come and eat in peace.

What families with children get here on New Year’s Eve? Three-course menu, special children’s menu, New Year’s Eve Sparklers Express.

Roller coaster restaurant Schwerelos
Harburger Schloßstraße 22
21079 Hamburg

In the Planetarium Hamburg to watch the stars

Is the new year under a good star? What is the current sky like over Hamburg? Small and large star researchers can look at the starry sky in the star dome in the planetarium on New Year’s Eve. In addition, you get a lot of exciting things with an entertaining live tour on the Starry sky and the constellations of the seasons told. There is no better way to tackle New Year’s Eve in Hamburg with children! The 60 minute tour is recommended for ages 10 and up.

For the smaller children, the planetarium offers a colorful children’s program every two hours, with great 3D star shows such as "Lucia and the secret of the shooting stars", "Räuber Hotzenplotz" and music theater in the dome. Recommended for ages 5 and up.

Planetarium Hamburg
Lining ring 1
22299 Hamburg

Immerse yourself in the fairytale world on New Year’s Eve

A great experience with children on New Year’s Eve in Hamburg is a visit to the fairytale worlds that opened in Hafencity in autumn 2019. This is an experience exhibition in which you walk through interactive rooms and encounter many well-known fairy tale characters on your way. But you don’t have to be idle yourself: you open secret doors, solve puzzles together and before you know it, you’re right in the middle of your fairy tale adventure. You can expect a great fairytale production with Little Red Riding Hood, Wolf & Co.

Fairy tale worlds Hamburg
Grandeswerderstrasse 5
20457 Hamburg

The classic: the New Year’s Eve with children in the musical

Honestly? There is no more relaxing way to spend New Year’s Eve with children in Hamburg than to watch a great musical event. At Disney’s The Lion King you can dive into the colorful worlds of Africa in your comfortable armchair. The story is thrilling, the actors and singers give it their all, the costumes are opulent and the songs are sure to stay in your ears for a long time. And if you are looking for a motto for the new year, then you are spot on in the musical. Because Hakuna Matata – there is no better way to start the new year. We already said.


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