News from our dental practice and the world of dental knowledge Dentist Schwabing-Freimann

News from our dental practice and the world of dental knowledge

Focus doctor search: Our dental office is recommended

When we received the letter that we got from Focus, we were very surprised. We are now recommended by Focus Arzsuche as a dental practice. According to the magazine, the magazines FOCUS and FOCUS-GESUNDHEIT publish for more than 20 years doctors lists of the leading physicians in Germany. The lists are created in extensive research with the […]

Amalgam adé – 8 interesting facts about plastic fillings

Plastic fillings look nicer than amalgam fillings. They also passed the long-term test. Nevertheless, the patient has to bear the cost of a plastic filling partly himself. Amalgam adé – 8 interesting facts about plastic fillings Correctly they are actually called composite fillings (Latin compositum “the compound”). The name is deceiving, because the plastic content is only about 20 percent. […]

Treatment options for fear of the dentist

Dread of the Dentist Many patients find the dentist’s visit unpleasant, although we strive to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. But sometimes people come who have “right” fear of dental treatment. In anxiety patients, diseases of the teeth and gums are often not treated early enough, resulting in tooth loss. The psychologist […]

Proceeds from dental gold and a donation for the white-blue boomerang

Most of the time it’s only a marginal note, but we also have child poverty, even here in this rich city of Munich. Poverty is not obvious at first glance, but the numbers are clear. More than 20,000 children receive social benefits in Munich alone. And yet it is not enough in the back and the front. A donation for children to the LoK […]

Prosthesis vs. Implant – costs, benefits, types

Zahnse > 20 Sep 2016 Practice Recorder in: Dental Floss

In the summer, reputable magazines wrote “Is floss really necessary? The US has lifted its health recommendation for dental floss. “Stop. So flossing is humbug? No, says Rudolf von Eckartsberg. He and his colleagues from Ungererstraße in Munich are convinced of the opposite. “Such headlines create the impression that flossing does not cause […]

10 questions to Rudolf von Eckartsberg

Keyword teeth brushing, electric or manual? Electric. 2 times a day or really after every meal? Before eating, half an hour after eating would be ideal, but at least 2 times a day, and always flossing too. Dental floss or dental brush? Dental floss. Oral or toothbrush mug? Zahnputzbecher. Drilling with or without anesthesia? Depending on. When in doubt, always with anesthetic. […]

Fixed denture with low bone mass

Some time ago, we reported how fixed dentures are feasible with low bone mass. And with very short implants from the USA. These allow artificial tooth roots even at 5 millimeters bone height, sometimes less. Rudolf von Eckartsberg and Nina Hemmelmann are two of the few dentists in Munich who use short implants. Even for fixed dentures, […]

After the periodontitis: Finally eat properly again

Three months ago, Mr. Schulz learned that he has advanced periodontitis. Although healthy and caries free, almost all teeth were loose in the upper jaw. Also, individual teeth in the lower jaw were affected. Bleeding gums and exposed tooth roots caused pain and difficulty in eating and drinking. Rudolf von Eckartsberg told Mr Schulz that he […]

Gap between the snow > 18 Nov 2015 Rudolf von Eckartsberg in: Aesthetic Dentistry, Mr. von Eckartsberg 4 Comments

Does not have to be. Madonna has you too: The eye-catching gap between the middle front teeth. Some like them, others do not. As a teenager, Mr. Berger * was teased because of his large gap between the middle incisors. Even later, the young man suffered from this gap, the so-called Diastema. Maybe you would have corrected this gap with a brace […]


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