Newspaper, deliver prospectuses

Newspaper | Deliver brochures.

Fulfill wishes.

You work at your location.

School newspaper job or distribute brochures – your new part-time job or holiday job As a newspaper delivery agent or brochure holder – at your location – easy application in a few minutes via

You want to Earn money?

You are looking for one student job?

Have approx. 2 hours a week time?

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Job description of the deliverer – student job newspapers | Deliver brochures

The newspaper deliverer (also called: carrier, messenger, carrier, distributor, contractor, deliverer) brings media (newspapers, brochures, advertising, flyers, advertising etc.) into households that many people are waiting for. Paperboy or brochure distribution is an attractive one part-time job, with the YOU your own pocket money deserve. You will soon be able to fulfill your wishes – and only through your own power! That’s why your friends will envy you. You can go without long journeys start at your front door and have one Mini job with insurance included.

You bring important messages and information to people, thereby contributing to education and helping consumers to plan their shopping or appointments. You take responsibility and improve yours pocket money independently at a young age – all of this speaks for you. Pupils usually start earning between € 40 and € 100 per month. As soon as the legal requirements for more extensive work are in place, a young person can earn up to a marginal job (€ 450). Students who Hand out newspapers or brochures during the holidays want to be able to sign up for one summer job also apply via

Work outside

The school job of delivering newspapers or brochures offers many advantages: As a delivery agent, you often only have to step outside your own apartment door to start your work. Your neighborhood is your workplace! You move, get fresh air, get to know people and earn your own money.

Meet deadlines

Are you ready for a delivery job? You should do the one to two hours a week for your Schedule a messenger job if you want to earn your money regularly with newspapers or brochures. The most important thing is that all households in your area are supplied reliably and on time.

Become a deliverer now

Are you ready for a job, outside in the fresh air? Then apply now via

Benefits of the job

More pocket money, fulfilling wishes, gaining work experience, certificate, fitness at work etc.

Help | FAQ

On the help page you will find answers to your questions about the application or the delivery job in general.

Parents’ approval

Without the signature of a legal guardian, there is no contract for under-18s.


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