Night party ideas and tips for boys and girls

An overnight party (slumber party or sleepover party) is a nice variant of social gathering for children and younger audiences like teenagers. You differentiate />
Overnight parties can be planned and organized for boys and girls and are suitable for children from 5 years up to the age of 14. Towards the end of kindergarten age, the kids already have their own friends and playing together is expanding more and more. So why not spend the night with your best friend’s friend when it is so beautiful and fun?

Tip: There is no exact information what age one should let children spend the night together. Every child is different, differently mature and has different needs in terms of closeness to the mother / father and trust in the friend or the caregiver.

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When such a party is due, the process is basically always very similar. The focus is always on spending the night together. You stay up very late, spend time together and have to bring completely different things to the party than usual.

If you have been invited, there are some “must haves” that shouldn’t be missing at any celebration. Here is a small checklist so that you are perfectly prepared />

  1. Sleeping bag Regardless of whether the host provides beds or sleeping places, you should always be equipped with a sleeping bag.
  2. Flashlight Yes, playing with the lamp in the dark and telling stories is very exciting.
  3. Sleeping clothes / pajamas You want to stay the night, so you need pajamas
  4. Mobile phone parents want to know how you are doing, so a mobile phone is mandatory.
  5. Toothbrush, brush, deodorant, laundry and getting the bed ready and freshening up in the morning is one of them
  6. Kle /> As hosts (host parents) there is a lot more to consider which>
  1. Write and send invitations
  2. Determine people to stay overnight
  3. Provide sleeping places (beds, mattresses, air mattresses, tents, etc.)
  4. Supervisors determine and instruct if they are small children
  5. Put the decoration together
  6. Plan activities and games
  7. Provide food and drink (dinner, midnight snack and breakfast)
  8. Give loose rules along the way

The question often arises as to where one can have an overnight party at all, since there is not always enough space at home. In this case you can celebrate:

  • With relatives like grandma, op, uncle, cousin
  • In a youth hostel
  • School or kindergarten
  • allotment

Great overnight party ideas for boys and girls

Since there is no dancing and flirting at an overnight party, but rather an exciting and sociable time with the best friends, a successful party depends on funny and unusual />
/> Provides a manicure workshop with all the trimmings. The girls can make their fingernails here with different colors and fingernail decorations.

/> Make a movie night in the home garden with an outside screen / TV, lots of popcorn and a rustic atmosphere around the campfire. Good children’s films, diffuse lighting and a little Hollywood feeling are the ingredients for a perfect evening. Of course, only works in summer.

/> Completely immerses the children’s room or party room Blacklight and let the K />
/> Instead of using beds and sofa as sleeping places, small indoor mini tents are made in bright colors and covered with cozy blankets. All tents stand side by side or in a circle, so that all children can talk until late into the night.

/> Provides a gift bag for each guest and decorates them according to the motto of this party. So every child can take a piece of memory home with them.

/> Put everything in the light of the pizza and make real Stinofen pizza. Everyone can roll, cast, shape, to bake and beautiful />
/> The Slumber Party is supposed to run like a Payjama party? How about the exact same variants? In the partner look, the whole thing welds much more together.

Activities and games for children

Masking tape labyrinth
In the hallway stretches various strips of masking tape from one wall to another. Each child must now cross the hallway without touching a ribbon. The whole thing can be made a little more difficult by taking fluorescent strips and turning off the light.

children Karaoke
Makes a kind of music party with children’s karaoke interludes. Always well received by children and with the right songs in a good mood.

truth or Dare
Truth or Dare is probably the perfect game at every overnight party. It is calm and everyone is in tune with each other. A perfect atmosphere for funny questions and fascinating answers or mandatory tasks.

Utensils for this event

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