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A sea journey that is fun, a sea journey that is beautiful… even more beautiful is a cruise on the Nile Nile cruise combines the free feeling of a river trip with the insatiable human urge for unique experiences. Such a * river cruise takes you back in time to Egyptian civilization with its architectural and historical relics. During one Nile cruise you can also walk in the footsteps of Agatha Christie and experience directly where the crime scene "Death on the Nile" is located.

Which routes are explored on a Nile cruise?

The most common cruises start and end in Luxor and go to Aswan. A continuation beyond Aswan is not possible due to the shallow water depth of the river. Aswan is therefore always the destination and the turning point of river cruises on the Nile. Recently you can also start in Cairo and travel to Aswan. You can combine these Nile river cruises individually: with a bathing holiday on the Red Sea, where you can also go diving, or a cruise on Lake Nasser.

What unique cultural riches are developed on a Nile cruise?

Due to the multifaceted offers of the individual river cruise providers on the Nile, this is only a list of the most common shore excursions:
Pyramids of Giza – the only surviving of the seven wonders of the ancient world, near the Great Pyramid of Cheops, the no less known Giza sphinx;
Valley of the Kings, near Luxor with the tomb of Tutankhamun and other burial sites of famous rulers;
Cairo with the Egyptian Museum and its 120,000 exhibits; the Ibn Tulun mosque; the hanging church el-Muallaqa; the Madrasa mosque of Sultan Hassan or the city of the dead, currently the largest city in Upper Egypt with its temple, in the ancient Egypt temple district of the royal city of Thebes, north of Luxor you will find the Karnak temples, the largest temple complex in Egypt;
Aswan with excursions to the Abu Simbel temple complex, two fascinating rock temples on the west bank of Lake Nasser built by Ramses II.

When is the best time to travel on a Nile cruise?

When things get really uncomfortable in Germany … Enjoy the wet and cold months from October to April at up to 30 degrees on a cruise in Egypt. In October and November, just like in March and April you can spend unforgettable hours bathing or diving on or in the Red Sea and let the collected impressions of a Nile cruise take effect. Winter also arrives in Egypt between December and February, when the nights during a river cruise can be quite cold with temperatures in the single-digit range.

How long does a Nile cruise last??

That depends on various factors: the wallet, the route chosen, the additional stay booked afterwards. Nile cruises start at three to four days. Here you only get a brief and superficial impression. On a seven-day Nile cruise, you have the opportunity to see and experience a large part of the cultural assets. Finally, the additional connection days have to be added.

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How and where can body and mind regenerate on a Nile cruise?

Egyptian river cruise ships are hotel ships and are rated similarly to these. As in a hotel, you can use public facilities alongside your booked cabin during the river cruise: swimming pools, bars, fitness rooms, restaurants, discos, shows or folklore performances. The Egyptian five-star system defines minimum cabin sizes, their equipment and the corresponding public facilities. The quality of a Nile cruise varies just as much as on land. Therefore, you should choose at least a four-star river cruise ship.
It is common for a river cruise ship to consist of an upper, middle and lower deck. The crew of such a ship is housed in the base deck below. Can on the upper deck You the Enjoy the best view and overview and make yourself comfortable on the sun loungers. You can usually cool off in the swimming pool on the middle deck.

The higher your booked cabin is, the better the view.
The closer you are to that water the more immediate your impressions of the maritime flair will be.
All cabins on a river cruise ship are outside cabins and usually on three- to five-star ships with air conditioning and an indoor bath. Both the size of the room and the interior of the cabins are mostly similar, only the view varies according to the position of the cabin on the ship.

What does a Nile cruise cost??

A * package tour costs from 1000 – 2000 euros per person, depending on the period and the category booked. A double cabin on a three-star ship costs from 55 euros per night and on a five-star ship from 75 euros and more.

Ø A Nile cruise is not difficult, because once you are checked in you will be taken to the destinations without having to pack your bags again.
Ø Enjoy all the advantages of a club holiday thanks to the usually “all inclusive” package.
Ø Benefit from a balanced price-performance ratio.
Ø From the cruise ship, you can watch the constantly moving and varied events on the shore.
Ø The shore excursions and sightseeing programs are prepared for you. You can completely relax and feel secure.
Ø You will make inquiries with other tourists or you can plan your time individually and for yourself.
Ø The wonder world of ancient Egypt will be presented to you and you will get a first impressive impression, which certainly needs further deepening.


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