Nile cruises – explore egypt from the ship

With its beautiful landscapes, historic cities and many important sights, Egypt in northeastern Africa is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Through the land of the pharaohs meanders the legendary Nile, on which you can enjoy an unforgettable cruise with a heady mix Cultural enjoyment, relaxation and fun can experience. Book your Nile cruise with and look forward to splendid temples, sumptuously equipped burial chambers and imposing pyramids.

During your cruise along fascinating cities like Luxor and Aswan Not only is a concentrated load of history and culture waiting for you, but also impressive landscapes with lush green river valleys, oases and meter-high sand dunes as well as plenty of sun, culinary delights and lots of leisure activities. With pleasantly mild to summerly warm temperatures all year A Nile cruise is ideal for escaping the German grubby weather and leaving everyday stress behind for a while.

Enjoy comfort and luxury on board: Most Nile cruise ships have modern and high-class equipment that leaves nothing to be desired and spoil you with a varied one Entertainment, that from Wellness about Sports to exciting excursions enough. After the time on board, you can also optionally take your vacation with you bathing Crown in popular resorts on the Red Sea such as Hurghada. Whether single travelers, couples in love or families with children – the variety of a Nile cruise guarantees that everyone will love to travel.

Price advantages for the Nile cruise:
Package tours and trial offers

Set sail with us at a low price: Dive into the pulsating megacity Cairo and marvel at the legendary Pyramids of Giza, learn the legendary Valley of the Kings with the burial chambers of Tutankhamun and let yourself be taken in by the huge millennia-old temples of Luxor to amaze in awe. This multitude of unique holiday experiences does not have to be expensive: if you have already decided on a Nile cruise, you can save on our attractive ones Early booking offers, by securing your boarding pass early. If you are a spontaneous vacationer, book your Nile cruise at short notice with our attractive ones Last Minute Deals. Families with children also get through often family discounts and children’s fixed prices to enjoy price advantages.

Save money on package tours. The right flight for the Nile cruise is included in the total price of the trip and after landing you will be taken to the ship by a comfortable transfer, so that your trip starts comfortably and you do not have to worry about anything. The same applies of course to the return trip, where you can be chauffeured from the port to the airport. Nile cruises are also often offered with an optional bathing extension on the Red Sea. In the case of a package tour, the tour operator takes care of the intermediate transfer and booking of the hotel. Of course, you can also extend your Egypt holiday by individually booking a desired hotel in addition to the Nile cruise.

Are you unsure if a Nile cruise does that right one is for you? Check out ours trial offers or Mini cruises and get to know the advantages of a boat trip. While classic cruises often take a week or two, our taster offers include boat trips with just a few overnight stays, which are ideal for getting to know this special type of vacation. However, short Nile cruises from three to are also common four Days of length offered at unbeatable prices that are perfect for newcomers to the cruise.

The mystical valley of the kings holds many secrets.

Nile cruises:
Enjoy comfort and luxury on board

During your Nile cruise, you can look forward to plenty of comfort and luxury on board. The cabins usually offer comfort with LCD TVs, air conditioning, telephone, minibar and bathroom / toilet first-class equipped hotel room. Choose from comfortable inside cabins, spacious family cabins, luxurious outside cabins with windows and views of the Nile, and exclusive suites to accommodate your needs during the cruise.

You can also look forward to a varied and entertaining experience life on board. Modern cruise ships generally have several restaurants and bars, which provide for the physical well-being around the clock and your palate with both typical and well-known Central European delights spoil. If you are not visiting spectacular pyramids or royal tombs during the day, you can visit the sundeck relax the ship and enjoy cooling off in the pool. Also spa services ensure perfect moments of relaxation during the gym and Sports courses let the hearts of active vacationers beat faster. In the evening there is an extensive offer Show, dance and music for best entertainment. It is not uncommon for the cruise ships to have discos, cinemas and casinos. Those who travel to Egypt with children simply choose a family-friendly ship for the Nile cruise. A colorful one Entertainment for the little ones and amenities such as a children’s pool and childcare ensure that the cruise is a thoroughly enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Traveling by ship on one of the longest rivers in the world:
Experience exciting excursions

Get to know new people on your Nile cruise, experience unforgettable moments with your partner or enjoy a unique holiday with your children. Choose your favorite ship and explore the land of the ancient pharaohs on organized or individual excursions. Popular routes are the classic Luxor-Aswan tour, while the larger routes mostly include the megacity Cairo and the Pyramids of Giza. To take your Egypt vacation with you Relaxation on the Red Sea to round off, opt for a Nile cruise with extended bathing in popular holiday resorts such as Hurghada or Marsa Alam. Fine sandy beaches, crystal-clear water and plenty of sun invite you to enjoy swimming and water sports of all kinds.

Even if the life on board is still so beautiful, the highlights of your Nile cruise are of course the trips to fascinating cities and world-famous sights. Visit in Luxor the mighty Karnak temple complex with the Temple of Amun-Re and one of the most important monuments from ancient Egypt, the famous Temple of Luxor. Check out the graves in the Valley of the Kings with its opulent splendor, marvel at the huge Aswan Dam and the Nasser and learn Cairo know that a variety of ancient and modern sights, exciting Museums and varied bazaars ready to enchant the senses with their oriental flair.

During your cruise, experience the most delightful cities, pharaonic monuments and landscapes along the Nile River, the Egypt’s lifeline represents and created one of the first advanced civilizations in human history. You can also fully enjoy the amusements and amenities on board and enjoy a top-class holiday in Egypt that you will remember for a long time.


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