Nipple correction: methods, treatment procedure – cost

Nipple correction: methods, treatment procedure - cost

Nipple correction: methods, treatment procedure & costs

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A plump and good looking bosom is considered by most to be the epitome of femininity. For the perfection, not only the size and shape of the breast is crucial, but also the nipples play an important role. But many women and even some men are not satisfied with that. Especially in women, the warts can change a lot after a pregnancy and suddenly optically no longer fit the overall picture. In such cases, a nipple correction can be helpful.

Reasons and methods of nipple correction

The reasons for a nipple correction are different. Although in most cases the visual aspect is critical to surgery, it may also be that these “malpositions” can affect health. First and foremost, however, it is the appearance, which is why many women decide to surgery.

The most common reasons at a glance:

  • Slip warts / cavities
  • thick and pronounced nipples
  • small nipples
  • large nipples
  • asymmetrical nipples

Nipples or called nipples are nipples, which are directed inwards. In most cases, this malformation is innate. But it can also occur suddenly and disappear just as quickly. Often only one nipple is affected by the deformity, but it can also affect both nipples.

Slip warts are caused by too much shortened milk ducts.

Health consequences do not have hatching warts. They are a purely aesthetic problem. Nevertheless, breastfeeding can cause problems if the nipple does not straighten up so the baby can suck on it. Under you will find some tips to facilitate breastfeeding in nipples. An OP is therefore not necessarily necessary in this regard.

»Correction of slipped warts

The aim of the hatching correction is to eliminate the malformation. A small cut is made to remove the shortening of the milk strands. If necessary, some tissue can be used so that the nipple is further forward. Then the wound is sewn and cleaned. After a few weeks, the threads can be pulled.

The only downside to this procedure is the weakening sensitivity of the nipple.

For nipples, there is no “standard measure. One is slightly bigger and one smaller. However, there are women who have relatively large nipples and suffer greatly from the appearance. But it can also be painful if they rub their clothes and may even get infected. On the whole, however, this is also a purely aesthetic problem that does not entail any health consequences.

»Correction of too big nipples

In nipple reduction, the treating physician makes a minimal and wedge-shaped incision across the nipple. In this case, as much tissue is removed until the nipple has reached the desired size. As part of this surgery, the doctor can also change the shape of the nipple. After successful treatment, the wound is closed with very fine sutures so that no scars remain later.

In addition to the very large nipples, there are also women who complain about too small nipples, at least in comparison to the proportions of the breast.

»Correction of small nipples

Too small nipples can of course be treated and that is exactly the opposite. While tissue is removed from large nipples, very small nipples use tissue (e.g., cartilage). Some clinics also use implants to bolster the nipple.

Instead of very large nipples, there is also the problem of very large nipples. For some women, these can reach a diameter of about 10 cm. This can potentially lead to psychological distress, as the proportions are rarely proportionate to the breast.

But here too, it is “only” a blemish. From a health damage is not to go out with too large Nipple courts.

»Correction of large nipples

In very large nipples can also be performed surgery. Before that, the surplus to be removed is measured accurately. During treatment, a circular cut is then made around the areola and reduced to the desired size. After the operation, a small scar remains, which is barely visible. If you are still bothered by this, you will find a few ways at to make the scars appear paler.

In the course of this operation, you can also make a breast reduction or breast lift.

Cost of a nipple correction

What a nipple correction costs, you can not say blanket. Here several factors play a role. These include:

  • Type and effort of correction
  • Choice of doctor or clinic
  • Type of anesthesia
  • hospitalization

On average, you can expect an amount between 1,000 and 2,500 euros for a nipple correction. Basically, you should not immediately take the cheapest offer. It is recommended to look for comparison portals on the internet to find the right doctor in your area. In addition, appropriate doctors can be limited by ratings. This will ensure that you find the best possible doctor for your nipple correction.

As most of the surgery is a treatment for aesthetic reasons, the health insurance does not cover the costs. The situation is different, for example, if it is possible to ensure the ability to breastfeed through the surgery. You will receive further information about a possible reimbursement directly from your health insurance.

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