Nitrous oxide at the dentist »what are the costs?

What does the treatment with nitrous oxide cost at the dentist?

Not only patients with a pronounced fear of dentists benefit from the advantages of nitrous oxide treatment. This gentle method of sedation is suitable for adults and children alike and makes treatment noticeably easier. In an interview with the cost check expert, we clarify the costs of laughing gas at the dentist and answer many other questions.

How does nitrous oxide work??

Check cost: Sedation using nitrous oxide (nitrogen oxide, N₂O) is a safe and proven variant of anesthesia that has been used since the 19th century. Laughing gas temporarily dampens the function of the central nervous system, it has an analgesic and relaxing effect. Anxiety about treatment is resolved. The unpleasant gag reflex and other unpleasant sensations are also noticeably reduced.

The perception of time is positively influenced and you have the feeling that the treatment time passes stress-free and much faster. This is particularly advantageous when there is a need for complex therapy. However, unlike general anesthesia, you remain conscious and responsive.

What does the nitrous oxide treatment cost??

Check cost: The cost of treatment with nitrous oxide depends on the effort and duration of the therapy.

duration costs
first 30 minutes 80 EUR
every other half hour 50 EUR

Accordingly, for an average treatment Costs around 100 – 150 EUR.

The statutory health insurance comes the cost?

The public health insurance companies do not pay for the nitrous oxide treatment Check cost: The statutory health insurers do not cover the costs of nitrous oxide treatment. This type of sedation is also not always included in the scope of services provided by private health insurers and dental insurance companies. You can find out whether and to what extent the insurance covers the costs in the insurance contract.

For whom is laughing gas suitable??

Check cost: Anxiety patients and children in particular benefit from treatment with nitrous oxide. Root canal treatments, implantations, time-consuming periodontal treatments, a necessary bone augmentation or several dental fillings, which should be set at one appointment, are no longer frightened by nitrous oxide.

How does a nitrous oxide treatment work??

Check cost: This is done in five steps:

treatment step Explanation
Select nose mask These are available in different fits. Many dentists also offer different scents.
introduction First you get 100% oxygen. The addition of nitrous oxide is gradually increased until the desired effect occurs.
Local anesthetic Only when the sensation of pain is reduced by the nitrous oxide does the dentist additionally apply a local anesthetic.
treatment Inhale the laughing gas throughout the treatment period.
Recovery When the therapy is complete, you will receive pure oxygen for a few minutes until the effects of the nitrous oxide have completely subsided.

You can leave the practice unaccompanied just 15 to 30 minutes after taking off the breathing mask. One hour after ingestion, the gas has been completely excreted from the body.

Can I drive a car after the nitrous oxide treatment??

Check cost: Driving with nitrous oxide will not affect your ability to drive. As soon as you are allowed to leave the practice, you can participate in road traffic without restrictions.

How safe is nitrous oxide?

Check cost: Nitrous oxide treatment is very safe; it has long been standard in almost all dental practices in numerous countries. Laughing gas has also been used successfully in Germany for many years without complications.

Pure laughing gas owes its bad reputation to the violent effects of uncontrolled and undiluted inhalation. However, nitrous oxide is used as a sedative in dentistry in concentrations of at most 35 percent and is therefore free of side effects. In Scandinavia, Canada and the USA, over 70 percent of dentists offer stress-free nitrous oxide treatment.

Who shouldn’t be treated with nitrous oxide?

In principle, everyone can be sedated with nitrous oxide Check cost: There are few medical contraindications; allergies to nitrous oxide are also not known.

If you have a cold and breathing through your nose is difficult, nitrous oxide treatment can be difficult. If there are serious general illnesses such as MS, COPD, pneumothorax, pulmonary emphysema or ileus, the doctor should speak in detail about the use of nitrous oxide.

Severe asthmatics and people taking antidepressants should not be treated with nitrous oxide. In the case of pregnant women, sedation gas is not recommended for reasons of safety. In the case of non-cooperative patients, for example small children or patients with a disability, treatment under general anesthesia is generally preferable.

What side effects can occur?

Check cost: The nitrous oxide treatment is almost always free of side effects. In rare cases:

  • nausea
  • dizziness
  • bloating
  • Numbness in arms and legs
  • a headache
  • temporary drowsiness
  • brief euphoria

on. Serious side effects are usually due to an uncontrolled overdose. This can almost be ruled out during dental treatment.

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