No chance to use the plaque – dentifrice tablets properly

No chance for plaque – How to apply tooth-dye tablets correctly

Hand on heart – After every brushing, are you sure that you have completely removed all the bacteria that are in the dental plaque on your tooth surfaces? This is where toothpaste tablets help you, as often even thorough brushing is not enough, which is why you usually remove only 70% of plaque and Co. on your teeth effectively.

In addition to the correct Zahnputzweise namely it depends on the nature of your toothbrush. Is she soft, medium or hard? A soft brush automatically extends the brushing time, while a harder bristle structure removes the plaque faster and more effectively. It is important to note that every bit needs its own toothbrushing time. The older the teeth are, the longer their cleaning will take.

And then there’s the thing with the annoying interdental spaces, which are difficult to achieve with the normal toothbrush. Flossing or mouthwash, for example, creates the desired effect here. Since plaque is involved in the development of tooth decay and gum disease, you should pay close attention to a thorough cleaning of your teeth.

What do tooth-dye tablets do??

But where are the remaining 30% of dental plaque on your teeth? That’s a good question, because purely visually the teeth look clean and perfectly cleaned. There is a perfect solution for this: tooth-dye tablets.

Dental Dye Tablets allows you to optimally control the cleaning result immediately after brushing your teeth. It contains a harmless stain that responds to plaque. Especially children, who are often difficult to convince of the need for a thorough dental care, benefit immensely from the effect of the tooth-coloring tablets and often even develop fun in brushing their teeth within a short time. But even adults are convinced of the benefits and effects of the plaque test after a short time.

The taste of the tablets is reminiscent of fresh mint, so your teeth feel even cleaner and fresh after use.

How do dentifrice tablets work and how do you best apply them??

The plaque self-test is easy. You only need one of the chewable tablets already available in small quantities in pharmacies and the trade and some time. After the usual brushing, you cermet the Zahnfärbetablette and spread them with some saliva evenly over your teeth. Let it soak in, spit it out carefully – and smile in the mirror, please.

The chewing tablet makes your plaque remains visible on your teeth by coloring them. Older pads can be recognized by the fact that they are darker (usually blue or purple) colored. New plaque, on the other hand, turns to lighter pink or a bright red. You can then brush away these discolorations thoroughly with your toothbrush. In contrast, colored interdental spaces can be easily flossed.


Even though plaque is almost invisible to the eyes, the tooth-dye tablets make it easy to quickly and easily identify and remove the remains of dental plaque. So nothing stands in the way of optimal oral hygiene. The recommended use of the tooth-dye tablets is once a week, in children usually half a tablet is sufficient to achieve an optimal result.

If you want to try it yourself, you can buy coloring tablets from Amazon.

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