No children’s photos on the social web – shows the world to the children, not the children of the world

No children's photos on the social web - shows the world to the children, not the children of the world

No, it’s not about nude photos, abuse, and evil strangers.

What is it about and what is not …

Small children

This is about photos of babies and young children who are still completely under the protection of us big ones.

Children’s rights

It is about the perception and respect of the rights and privacy of children, especially by the parents.

Babies want that?

The point here is that the interests of children are always confused with those of parents.

Do you feel ashamed?

The point is that the little ones, like the big ones, are often ashamed when the camera wants to catch us.

Big kids and teenagers

This is not about photos of older children and teenagers, who at best can and may decide for themselves what is good for them.

Pride and love

It is not about questioning the pride and love of parents for their children.

The 21st century

The point is not to condemn the exciting Internet zeitgeist, but to greet it competently and attentively.

Criminals and evil strangers

This is not about the disgusting misuse of children’s photos by criminals and evil, strange people.

There are many different aspects to the topic ‘Children’s photos on the Internet’. Here are a few.

I see it that way …

Dialog on Facebook

No children’s photos on the social web was founded as an initiative on Facebook. There I ask for a discourse, a discussion, and a respectful examination of this topic, on which there are many different opinions.

The innate right

A child has a fundamental right to privacy right from the first day of his life. Parents have a duty to respect, respect and protect them.

Pride is no reason

There are many good reasons to be proud of children. Endless reasons. But this legitimate pride is no reason to present the children. Parental pride is no legitimation to show one’s own children.

of confusion

Here I investigate the question of why parents so often publish pictures of their children, use the children as jewelry, expose the little ones in embarrassing situations, pride themselves for ignoring their privacy, protect them, flaunt them, often even hide behind their own children , Or why parents confuse their own needs with those of the kids.

May I publish that?

Before we publish photos of friends and acquaintances on the Internet, it is important to ask for their consent. Why aren’t children asked? Why parents of small children, who are of course not yet able to give their consent, do not choose the considerate path as a precaution?

Why is less consideration given to children than to friends and acquaintances?

Nobody should see that, nobody!

Imagine a happy child snapping mom or dad’s smartphone and taking funny pictures of mom and dad. In bed in the morning, then in the shower, jam smeared me at the breakfast table, stressed on the way to the front door, with jogging pants in the garden, with a cigarette break in my undershirt, with beer in my hand on the trampoline, sweaty and bright red in front of the grill Foam crown in the tub, crying before your favorite show, in the evening on the sofa with thread of thread on the pillow, …

Imagine how the child shares these photos with great joy and pride with all friends.

Look, these are my super parents!

I don’t really want that

It happens from time to time that parents do something with their children that they don’t really like. Well-meaning. In fact, this is quite normal when we want to get children excited about something, when we try to show them the world as we see it. But sometimes the children don’t like it at all without us noticing. And an audience even watches photos on the Internet.

Your child, you and your parents

Parents who publish children’s photos often argue that they already know what they are doing with their children and what is good for them. After all, it’s their children. As a result, it can be assumed that your own parents always did everything right, were error-free and absolutely competent. Was that the case??

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