No dialogue with “spiritual arsonists”

No dialogue with 'spiritual arsonists'

In a resolution, the Federation of German Catholic Youth (BDKJ) has spoken out against right-wing extremism. In the name of "our faith," he said, no one should exclude or hostile another person. Not even Christians.

The BDKJ contradicts populist slogans that offer seemingly simple solutions. Spiritual arsonists, who stir up social groups, are for the federation no interlocutors, it is said in a resolution adopted on the main plenary assembly in Rothenfels. Nevertheless, it is important to take a serious look at the positions.

The resolution points out that opinion leaders in the Christian conservative milieu are currently seeking new alliances with the extreme right in the devaluation of other religions and in the fight against gender mainstreaming, homosexuality and modern role models. The BDKJ rejects this. "We do not allow that in the name of our faith people are marginalized and attacked."

Take legal action if necessary

At the same time, the Catholic Youth calls on those responsible in the Catholic Church not to tolerate any forms of group-related misanthropy in their ranks. It is necessary to continue to distance oneself decisively from persons, organizations or communication platforms of right-wing extremism and right-wing populism that would pretend to speak in the name of the Catholic Church. In this context, it should be examined whether legal action should be taken against such developments under certain circumstances.

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