No fear of the dentist

Don’t be afraid of the dentist

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A visit to the dentist is certainly not one of the most pleasant everyday tasks for most people. In fact, it is often the case that, especially at a young age, there is a real fear of such an unfortunately necessary visit. Unfortunately, with increasing age, the fear of dental practitioners builds up again in the rarest of cases, and with a bit of clumsiness, the personal phobia is passed on to one’s own children. However, this does not have to be the case, because a few simple tricks help to relieve the children of the fear of visiting the dentist.

So don’t let fears arise

Even if you can only make the journey to the dental practice with great effort – make sure that your child is introduced to the visitors in the practice in a completely neutral manner. You can achieve this by not particularly emphasizing the agreed dates. Speak of them as if it were an everyday shopping experience and avoid typical phrases like “A syringe at the dentist doesn’t hurt at all”. Such statements make children particularly noisy and help to build up discomfort and insecurity towards doctors.

If there is a dentist in your area who specializes in young patients, this is a real stroke of luck for you and your children. This is because these doctors have the necessary knowledge to carry out appropriate treatments in a sensitive, playful and child-friendly manner. Make sure that your toddler gets used to the professional look in the mouth as early as possible. This works from the first months of life and aims to get used to the doctor naturally, who should always start with pain-free treatments at the beginning.

Optimal oral hygiene for more bite in life

Children perceive the world very differently than adults. Appropriate oral hygiene is a matter of course for us, but the little ones always question why something is the way it is. Always explain the outstanding importance of brushing your teeth in a playful manner so that it is understandable. Instead of abstract formulations, choose examples from subject areas that your children know and like. For example, explain why, unlike dogs, rabbits or sharks, people have to brush their teeth. Special books and illustrated books, which you can purchase in selected specialist shops and on the Internet, are also very suitable for child-friendly educational work on the subject of dental hygiene. Be a role model and have fun brushing your own teeth. As you know, children also unconsciously adopt memorable behavioral patterns from their parents, and so you can effectively contribute to conveying the joy of oral hygiene.

Showing your teeth in fear

Anxiety patients often report that the parents’ forced visit to the dentist contributed a lot to their phobia. No matter how important it may be – try not to force your child to undergo treatments that can wait a bit. It is more important to build a relationship of trust with the doctor treating you. Practice brushing your teeth with your children and use tested cream that has a pleasant taste. This should not be too sharp, but also not too boring. Babies can already be familiarized with the topic of dentists if they are allowed to chew on a rubber learning brush. When the first teeth break through the gums, however, a very soft brush should be used to clean the mouth.

In contrast to days long gone, a visit to the dentist no longer has to be associated with horror ideas. State-of-the-art treatment techniques make even complicated procedures practically painless and make the ghost “visit the dentist” fade away. Fortunately, the knowledge that children need different treatment practices than adults has become a matter of course and ensures that a new generation of bright, healthy teeth can grow.

This guest article was kindly supported by Dr. med. dent. Igor Bender created dentist for implantology and aesthetic dentistry.

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