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Experts warn in case of German student Marco W, detained in Turkey on suspicion of sexual abuse. from exaggerated criticism of the country's judicial system. The German-Turkish travel entrepreneur and SPD MEP Vural oger criticized the behavior of top German politicians on Wednesday. Silvia Tellenbach, a Turkey expert at the Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law in Freiburg, said the action taken against the student did not represent a worse treatment of a foreign youth. The "Bild" newspaper quoted from the statement of the 13-year-old British girl, whose mother filed charges against the Marco W. had filed.

Marco W. had been arrested during an Easter vacation with his parents in the tourist resort of Side, after the night of 11. April in a hotel room between him and the 13-year-old girl to intimate tenderness had allegedly occurred. The girl's mother filed a complaint against him on suspicion of sexual abuse of children. The student from Uelzen in Lower Saxony speaks of a vacation flirtation and affirms that the girl had declared that she was already 15 years old. W. has been in Turkish custody since April.oger said: "The way in which Union parliamentary group leader Volker Kauder and other politicians are talking about Turkey, that is defamatory."Lower Saxony's Prime Minister Christian Wulff (CDU) is only trying to make a scene with his appeal. "I warn urgently: too much prere on the judiciary can lead to the judge adopting a hardened attitude," oger said. Instead, objectivity is called for. "If you depoliticize the case, I can imagine that at the court hearing on 6. July comes to a lenient verdict that one can live with," oger said. He believes it is also in the interest of the Turkish judiciary to get the case over with as quickly as possible. Tellenbach showed understanding for the detention of the student. "The regulations may be too harsh for our taste. But in Turkey, they also want to use it to protect 13- or 14-year-old girls who are still being forced into illegal marriages in villages," the Turkey expert said. The main problem with the case seems to be that the girl's mother ran to the police instead of confronting the boy, he said. "Once a case like this gets to the judge, a machinery is set in motion that is very difficult to stop," Tellenbach said. However, if the judge comes to the conclusion that the boy really didn't know the girl was only 13 years old, he will not punish him for child abuse.According to the "Bild" newspaper, 13-year-old Charlotte from Manchester stated during her questioning by the public prosecutor's office in Antalya that she had seen Marco W. met him at the disco on the day of the crime and argued with him there. Later, she said, she was in her room with her sister and a friend when Marco W. showed up with a friend to apologize to her. They sat on the bed and talked. Marco W.s friend and her sister had gone to the balcony. You yourself, Marco W. and her friend stayed in the room. W. she lay down in her bed and slept. She lay down next to him to sleep. Then she suddenly woke up, said Marco W. felt on her and pushed him away. In the process, she said, she felt a dampness on her body. Afterwards she went to the doctor.

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