No more boredom! 5 ingenious DIY ideas for children

“Mamaaa, I’m bored!” – Surely this sentence looks familiar to you. Here are five simple DIY ideas that you can implement together with your children.

Do your children run restlessly through the apartment and don’t know what to do? Then they grab you and implement one of the many cool DIY projects there are for children. Make a great toy with them. There are many suggestions – from simple nodders to tepees or table football, which are a little more elaborate.

Minion Nodders

Are you in Minions fever too? You can make cute nodders in no time at all with egg covers.

You need:

  • empty egg cases
  • small wobbly eyes
  • black edding
  • blue wrapping paper
  • 1- & 2-cent pieces

This is how it works: Depending on the Minion figure, glue one or two wobbly eyes to the top of the egg cover. Then use the black Edding to draw the glasses around the head, starting from the eyes. Fill a few 1 and 2 cent coins into the egg and close it. Cut a small piece of clay paper for the trousers, it should fit exactly around the plastic sleeve. Glue it on with glue: Your Wackel-Minion is ready!

Indian-Tipi make yourself

Children love caves and they love to dress up. Combines both and plays with them cowboys and Indians. Of course you need a real tepee for that. You can do it yourself super easy.

You need:

  • 6 rods approx. 1.50 metres long
  • a tight string
  • 1 piece of fabric (2 meters long, 1 meter wide)

Take the sticks together, fan them up so that they are narrow at the top, but have a wide base at the bottom and form the basic structure of the tipi. Tie a string tightly around the top of the sticks so that they don’t slip away.

So that the tipi also has a firm stand at the bottom, you should also loop a band around the rods at the bottom and knot it together at the end.

Now all we need is the stuff. Get a white or beige piece of cloth that you can paint as you like. The piece should be 2 meters long and 1 meter wide. So that you can put it well around the tipi, you should cut it out half moon-shaped, as it can be seen in the instructions.

Multi-storey car park

Does your kid have that many cars? Then build a cool parking garage. It looks good and also helps to keep things tidy.

You need:

  • 1 large, rectangular cardboard box
  • colour
  • toilet rolls
  • glue

This is how it works: Paints the cardboard from the outside and inside with your child’s favourite colour. While it’s drying, you can glue the empty toilet paper rolls together. For the bottom layer, glue so many rolls together that the length of the cardboard is completely filled. Then glue the rolls piece by piece on and next to each other until the cardboard is filled. Tip: If you like, you can also paint all the toilet paper rolls.

table football

Not only boys, also girls love kickers! If you don’t have room for a big table, you can make your own little kicker with a wooden box, thin sticks and clothespins. This is very easy and painting the players is a nice activity on a boring rainy day.

You need:

  • 1 rectangular wooden box
  • green and white colour
  • 6 narrow wooden sticks
  • 12 wooden clothes pegs
  • Paint for painting
  • 1 ball
  • 1 jute bag
  • some masking tape

This is how it works: Drill six opposite holes into the wooden box on each side, through which the rods fit. They should be so large that the sticks fit straight through and can be turned easily. The height should be such that the clothespin men float just above the floor. At both ends you saw holes for the door.

Paint the inside of the box with green paint. Let it dry and then paint the centre line with white paint. The clothespins are the players. Paint them a face and a jersey. Allow to dry well, then attach one clothespin male each to two poles, this is the goalkeeper. The poles are placed directly in front of the goal. Two poles get two players in defense and two poles get three players for the storm. Also push the poles onto the field. So that the males don’t bounce against the side, you can stick masking tape next to the males. Finally, attach a piece of the jute bag behind the goal so that the ball doesn’t roll through the whole apartment when a goal is scored.

More pictures on

Cute fireflies

This toy is made quickly, but will certainly give your children a lot of fun.

You need:

  • empty egg cases or plastic eggs (handicraft shop)
  • white and black Edding
  • colorful pipe cleaner
  • some aluminium foil or clay paper
  • small folding lights (for fishing) or small LED tea lights

This is how it works: Paint on one side of the egg shell with the two eyes of Eddings. Then use a needle to drill small holes for the feelers and the legs into the shell. Through them you put small pieces of colored pipe cleaner. At the end you cut wings out of some aluminium foil and glue them to the plastic cover. Now all you have to do is put the LED light between the two plastic halves: done!

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