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Vacation and life on the island with the knee psand

Surrounded by marshland and the vastness of the dunes, Norddorf lies in the north of the island of Amrum. The place is clear, down-to-earth and mostly built on with buildings of more recent origin. Large parts of the village were destroyed by a fire in 1925, and the residents were prompted to undertake the reconstruction without the traditional thatched roof at favorable and fire-resistant conditions. What distinguishes the place today?

Norddorf – traditional spa

Cross mark fire at Vogelkoje Norddorf

Norddorf can look back on a long tradition as a health resort, especially for the weakest members of our society, the children. The first Children’s clinic opened its doors here in 1890, today the AOK’s extensive grounds characterize the northwestern edge of the village. This is a mother-child-clinic, which provides space for relaxation and healing for around 150 mothers and their children.

The extensive center of Norddorf consists of the pedestrian zone with small and large shops, the spa park and various hotels. A small street quickly leads to the beach, on the edge of which various locations and a small Watt Museum are located. Everything in this place is geared towards footpaths, families and especially children.

Vacation in Norddorf on Amrum

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Everything in Norddorf is geared towards footpaths and children

Norddorf is a good base for exploring the beauty of the surrounding area. In the immediate vicinity there are also some striking sights – including the Norddorf lighthouse, which is also known as the Cross Mark fire is designated and can be reached by boardwalk from the nearby bunk. The Kniepsand offers a grandiose backdrop for more or less extensive hikes, on which the northern tip of the island, the Odde, can also be circled. Various circular routes that can be explored on foot or by bike lead from Norddorf to the surrounding area.

Accommodation in Norddorf

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By bike through Norddorf

In this video you can see a bike ride through Norddorf to the beach.


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