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Book Countdown # 5

Wonderful result from nordlander crossover: THE TANNENBAUM, published by Knesebeck. Hans Christian Andersen, who, as you know, was a Dane, wrote the eponymous Christmas tale. Sanna Annukka, half Brit and half Finn, has illustrated it – with motifs and patterns reminiscent of Finnish, but also of Russian folklore. Or traditions from Karelia, the region that connects Finland and Russia.

Andersen’s little Christmas tree is dissatisfied with his life in nature, because he wants to finally become something big – for example, a ship’s mast. One day he actually turns into a stately decorated Christmas tree, but the summit of his wishes lasts only one day, then he is stored in the attic and later burned. Andersen does without a happy ending, as he often does in his fairy tales, but he gives him a clear message: Do not misjudge the good you have while chasing big dreams – or, in the words of the tree: “If I had but happy when I still could! “

Thanks to the illustrations by Sanna Annukka, which combines colored ornaments of basic shapes to animals, people, plants, landscapes and even to a ship, you can not even regret the sad end of the tree, which turns into a fire of glowing triangles.

If you find all this beautiful and can not get enough of it, you should take a look at Marimekko. Sanna Annukka has designed various patterns for the Finnish design company that can be found on fabrics, crockery and other products – such as small wooden magnets:

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Anyone who still wants to order online, the book on this link order at Amazon. It’s an affiliate link, which means I get a small percentage of the purchase price. Nevertheless, I would like to encourage everyone to support the local bookstores!

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