Normal weight in children – ideal for health

Normal weight in children

The diagnoses “overweight” or “underweight” with the help of tables, their symptoms and especially their development due to wrong diet or even eating disorders can usually be found quickly. But how do you provide for a normal weight in children or how can you keep it without getting into any diet or sport mania for his child?

Because, with all considerations and measures one should not forget that the main character is a child.

Accordingly, this child should always be treated or educated as such.

When does a child have normal weight?

When assessing the weight of a child, it is important to look carefully. In particular, the individual stages of growth in the development of a child must be taken into account. Your child is not overweight or underweight compared to other children just because it may look a bit thicker or thinner. There is not a very small variation in normal weight in children, given the many growth spurts that sometimes follow one another briefly or violently, or in return may take a very long time in return. A child can then return within a very short time from a very narrow or solid stature to normal weight. So if you feel your child is too fat for example, a look at the body mass index (BMI) in connection with physical development – such as a long overdue growth spurt – can give you an important clue to weight estimation.

This is how children keep their normal weight

What can you as a parent do to help your child maintain normal weight without much compulsion and hardship? The two outstanding points for a normal weight in children, of course, are the diet and sufficient physical exercise, both of which must be considered in a healthy level.


The diet begins with the right breakfast. You should make sure that there is not every day a Nutella bread, sugary cornflakes or other fattening. Rather, you can offer such foods as something especially on weekends or holidays. If, for example, the child is already required to attend school, then the right break bread, as well as all other food, is usually in the hands of the parents. For example, a healthy wholemeal roll with a lean ham and a piece of cucumber, as well as a peeled and sliced ​​apple, will result in a balanced and healthy break. This well thought-out but also for the child delicious food must of course pull through the day and often requires some efforts of the parents.


Daily exercise is a crucial component, not just to maintain normal weight in children, but also to the health and proper physical development of the child. The parents are doing their duty not just to allow their children, the daily hours of computer games, but to encourage them to sporting activities. The sports activities in the club or with friends should therefore be encouraged. But even the simple way to the outside automatically causes in children that the imagination is stimulated to play and the movement comes by itself.

Only no pressure

Of course, the normal weight in children is a desirable goal for all parents. The way to get there should always be a relaxed, relaxed way. A self-evident, healthy diet and plenty of exercise, which are simply part of everyday life, form the ideal foundation for a happy and, above all, healthy child.

As a mother of two children, I deal with all topics relating to everyday life with children at Of course, the weight is always in focus. Even in the womb weight of a baby plays a major role and even after birth, it does not lose importance. But on the contrary. Now the health of our children is above all in the hands of the parents. Google+ | Facebook | Twitter

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