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The North Sea is and will remain a popular destination for Germans, as both the German and Danish North Sea coasts create the balancing act between relaxation and experience. If you want to spend your vacation on the North Sea, you can look forward to fascinating mudflats and elegant holiday resorts.

The German North Sea coast stretches from Emden on the Dutch border to the border of Denmark at the height of the island of Sylt. If one includes the islands, the coast is more than 1300 km long. The North Sea coast is characterized by the special coastal ecosystem of the Wadden Sea, which always attracts tourists for a mudflat hike.

Thanks to the diversity of the North Sea coast with small, dreamy fishing villages to elegant resorts such as St. Peter-Ording or on Sylt and the East Frisian Islands, there are accommodations for all needs. A holiday apartment on the North Sea is ideal for a holiday with a child and a big family, but the North Sea is also ideal for a short break. If you want to spend your holidays with your dog, you will find apartments and cottages on the North Sea which are also suitable for pets. Together with a large number of dog beaches, the North Sea has thus also become a popular holiday destination for dog owners.

Whether on the German or the Danish coast, a North Sea holiday offers many opportunities for activities. In addition to bike paths, there are also numerous hiking trails or fishing opportunities that attract tourists.

Typical of the North Sea is …

… the Wadden, which extends over approximately 8,000 km² and extends up to 20 km into the North Sea. A mudflat walk, where numerous animals and plants can be discovered, makes the holiday on the North Sea a very special experience.

… the island life. The German North Sea coast is decorated with two island chains, the East and North Frisian Islands. Among the best known of the North Frisian Islands off the coast of Schleswig-Holstein include z. Sylt, Foehr and Amrum. The East Frisian Islands stretch for about 90 km along the coast of Lower Saxony. The seven inhabited islands offer beautiful insular landscapes from Borkum via Norderney and Langeoog to Wangerooge.

… Low German, that today is only rarely spoken in everyday life. An estimated 5 million people still speak the Low German language. Here, the Ostfriesische Platt, which is also spoken on the East Frisian Islands, the strongest represented.

… the Halligen, of which ten still exist today. The small islands in the Wadden Sea off the Schleswig-Holstein North Sea coast can be easily flooded, as they protrude only a few meters from the North Sea. Over time, they often changed shape, grew together, or disappeared altogether.

Did you know that…

… the Wadden Sea is a World Heritage Site? In 2009, the Watt was provided by UNESCO with this award. The Wadden Sea is on a list with the Grand Canyon and the Great Barrier Reef.

… not the North Sea itself triggers ebb and flow? The North Sea itself is too small to create a tidal range that is worth mentioning. The tides, in the extent known on the North Sea, are caused by the tidal waves of the North Atlantic, to whose marginal seas the North Sea belongs.

… Heligoland is not a deep-sea island? Often Heligoland is called because of the long distance to the mainland as “the only deep-sea island of Germany”. However, geographically speaking, it is part of the continental shelf and that is not the case. Even by legal definition, it is not far enough from the coast to be called a deep-sea island. However, the island is without doubt extraordinary.

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