Nosiboo nasal aspirator in the test, our hero in the time of the snuff

Nosiboo nasal aspirator in the test, our hero in the time of the snuff

Nosiboo nasal aspirator in test | Our hero in the cold

Sniff. A tiresome topic, not only for us adults. Aric had his first cold at just under three months. Especially at this age, they do not get along with the situation and are really suffering. Babies can almost exclusively breathe through their noses until the sixth month. At that time, I got myself a normal small hand vacuum, which is available in every drugstore to buy. How easy and great the suction was always described – still with a nice sample picture. Unfortunately, these pictures are far from reality – the child is beating around, fidgeting and feeling uncomfortable with the whole procedure. Two sniffles we have endured with the hand nasal aspirator and nose drops.

The shipping was fast and the Nosiboo nasal aspirator had been delivered in an attractive box. Of course, we had to unpack and test it immediately. It is available in the colors blue, green and pink and is super handy and light. I love the design: it’s so beautiful and child-friendly: it reminds me a little bit of a little bear. The Nosiboo nasal aspirator includes a power cord, a hose, a suction housing with Colibri head, two end pieces for the housing and the centerpiece: the suction unit.

Since I’m not a big fan of manuals and almost never in an in-ear, I’m lucky enough the nasal aspirator together. It was kids easy! Plug the hose and power cord into the suction device and you’re ready to go. On the suction device, you can adjust the strength – in my opinion, the highest strength with the power of a vacuum cleaner to compare. I find it a bit quieter than a conventional vacuum cleaner, but that should not be frightening for most children. In the first baby months we played Aric extra vacuum cleaner sounds on Youtube, so he can calm down.

Now we come to the practical test: Baby put on his lap, Nosiboo nasal aspirator angegeschissen and it can start. After a few initial difficulties, as children around the age of eight months did not like to sit still, we were able to put the end of the Colibri teat in his nose. What can I say? It worked perfectly. We never got so much secretion out of his nose with a manual teat. He could finally breathe properly, which is a huge relief as a parent. I always feel when he has a cold. Until the little ones can snort out a long time and many colds pass.

When using one can make no mistakes. Personally, I usually start with a smaller level and then work my way up. After several passes, the child is not afraid of the volume or the unpleasant feeling of sucking. The child-friendly design also contributes to this – they do not even perceive the Nosiboo nasal aspirator as a medical device, but see a toy in this cute bear form. Since the tube is long, you can put away the Nosiboo nasal aspirator a bit so that the volume is not too penetrating. The attachment which is inserted into the nose is also very soft and flexible – injuries within the nasal mucosa can therefore be virtually ruled out. Cleaning we do only the Coilibri head, which can be easily disassembled, quickly and easily under warm water.

My conclusion: I wish I had dealt with the topic earlier and worked with the Nosiboo. There was a buzz in my head that you could only manually remove the secretion by hand. It is easier, more manageable and helps the child a lot more, as it really pulls everything out of his nose. In addition, it prevents more serious diseases such as ear infections by these facts. You can not help your child easier.

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