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The winners of our HFC ticket raffle!

Click here for the prize draw!

There are certainly some puzzles in dentistry that leave a big question mark even for the smartest dentists. But these should not be our topic at the moment.
On the day of the German Unification, everything revolved around our little video puzzle, which we published on our Facebook page.
Wanted was a term that one day after the holiday describes.

With his resources, dentist Roger Barz tried to explain the term to everyone. The word you are looking for is Brückentag.

What is there to win?

No puzzle without a win! We have raffled off 3 x 2 free tickets for a game of the Halleschen Fußball Club in the current season among the numerous participants.
How did we get to the tickets and why it must be the HFC, you will learn here after the draw of the winner.

And here comes the video:

Old love does not rust

The practice of Dental Health Hall and the HFC combines an old footballer love. Not only does Roger Barz regularly visit the club’s home games for many years, he also supports the club outside the stadium. So the practice of dental health hall has been a member of Club66 since the first hour.

A network of local companies and associations that financially support the HFC not only morally but also with sponsorship. But these funds not only flow into the consolidation of the first team, there is also an investment in the future of Halle football. After all, even junior centers benefit from our commitment, from the F-Jugend to the U19. We think that’s a good thing!
If you want to support our HFC just as effectively, you will find all the information about Club66 here. Even with a small contribution, you could help the club sustainable. Come in and join in!

As a thank you, the Club 66 offers its members tickets. We have raffled these tickets for the second time exclusively in our Facebook and Web community.

What else happened …

Which current stories the Praxis Zahngesundheit Halle also connects with the HFC can be found here. So we report here under this link of an animal Easter greeting to the club in the shopping center Peißen. You will be surprised…

Maximum success!

The Zahngesundheit Halle dental practice wishes the Hallesches Fußball Club all the best not only in the current 2019/2020 season, but continues to enjoy beautiful games, many spectators, energetic sponsors and always maximum point successes!
For that we are both thumbs crossed. Promised! The zero must stand, boys!

Photos: Jana tree & Roger Barz

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