Nudist school education

School and physical education in the sense of free body culture

Naked at school?

Lessons in the "Adams" costume?

Boys and girls
together naked in a class?

? ? ?

In our time and in a multi-cultural society, a school form in the sense of free-body culture is hardly imaginable.
However, if you think about it, a naturist school education would still have a special incentive today. So there would certainly be no jealousy of expensive branded clothing – and the behavior among the students would certainly be much more harmonious, considerate and also more moral.

I can now imagine that many are now thinking of "Sodom and Gomorrah", fornication and sexual harassment, assault and rape.
Of course, this cannot be ruled out at a nudist school, but – as you can often read in the daily press – it happens in our (textile) schools.

But there was . , the institutions in which school-age children were brought up in the spirit of free-body culture.
The private schools existed in Germany, England and the USA.

In Germany it was Lüneburger Land Lichtschulheim (LLL), in England the Priory Gate School and in America the Sunshine Acres Incorporation and the Oakdale Ranch School.
Today there is only one attempt at naturist preschool education in Japan.

  • Lüneburg Land Lich School Home
  • Priory Gate School (England)
  • Oakdale Ranch School (USA)
  • École Freinet (France)
  • Swimming lessons, nude (general)
  • Swimming lessons, nude → YMCA
  • Swimming lessons, nude → Norway
  • Swimming lessons, nude → Denmark
  • Swimming lessons, nude → Sweden
  • Swimming lessons, nude → CSSR
  • Swimming lessons, naked → GDR
  • 1910 – Nude sports classes in the United States
  • 1920 – Nude sports lessons in the Odenwald school
  • 1925 – Nude sports classes at schools in Hamburg
  • 1930 – "Stir you!" – A plea for naked physical education
  • 1931 – Naked sports classes at Bedales School, Great Britain
  • 1920s – “Naked” lessons in J.N. Adam Memorial Hospital, USA
  • "Topless" -Sports
  • "Topless" sport in Japan
  • »Topless« sport in Italy
  • 1928 – "Topless" lessons in Switzerland
  • 1926 – Autumn sports festival in the Grunewald Stadium
  • 1927 – Orthopedic schooling
  • 1928 – My East Prussian young people
  • Nudity in reform pedagogy

AKT pictures in the classroom

A report from:
Freik&# 246rperkultur – October 1970
of Karl Plehn

+ + + excerpts + + +

  • "It is not bad to see representations of naked people because it is part of gender education and because people are created that way."
  • "I used to think that you shouldn’t see naked people, but today I find it natural."
  • »You can see pictures with naked people on them, calmly. God created people so that there is nothing about it, what one not allowed to see. «
  • “It doesn’t harm the youth at all. On the contrary – she even learns from it. «
  • »I don’t think the pictures are bad. They help with the education «

These statements came from 10 to 15 year old boys and girls on the question of the so-called "youth risk from AKT pictures" and are part of a comprehensive documentation that has been carried out in the last twelve months (note: 1969-1970) by student surveys in ten different classes at Bremen elementary and secondary schools.
A total of 277 children and adolescents were asked to comment, namely 148 girls and 129 boys.

The written and anonymous survey was preceded by a confrontation of the pupils with a number of selected and aesthetically perfect AKT pictures. These were pictures of naked children, adolescents and adults, primarily taken outdoors in games and sports, bathing or swimming. ACT presentations from the visual arts were also represented.

Of course, the most demanding standards were applied when selecting the pictures. Images in which there was even the slightest suspicion that they could be classified as “lewd” or “harmful to young people” according to Section 6 of the Law on the Dissemination of Writings Harmful to Young People were excluded from the outset. (Note: the law has since been revised)

The recordings, which also met the highest standards in terms of their "safety", had been pinned or interpreted in all classes without the children’s knowledge (usually before the start of the first lesson). Boys and girls unsuspectingly entered their classroom and were – completely unexpected and unprepared – faced with a number of pictures that most of them had previously, if at all, only encountered as secret, forbidden and with a guilty conscience.

The reaction of some of them was initially the same. Some were initially said to be “as if blinded” or even “completely shocked”, but later found the pictures “no longer bad”. Others were "a bit scared", others only "slightly astonished", others felt: "such a mess".

It should come as no surprise that in some of our children nudity is still thoughtlessly equated with "mess", as the school has been anxious to the present day to either completely banish the image of the naked person from its visual sphere or at least to banish it to be provided with an appropriate fig leaf.

Gradually and only hesitantly, one begins to see in pedagogical circles how nonsensical it is to equate nudity with “shamelessness” in every case and from the start.

What an "UP and DOWN" in our children’s sex education over time. In the 1930s, the Glüsinger Heide country school home, in which children and adolescents were taught together naked, a few decades later the prudery captivates.
Today you probably need such a "experiment”No longer to be carried out.


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