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The International Labor Organization (ILO) estimates that there are 264 million children in employment worldwide in the five to 17 age group. 168 million of them are child laborers, of which 85 million are dangerous workers. Most of them work in Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa has seen the highest increase in child labor in recent years.

Child labor can be found almost everywhere. Most children are employed in the informal economy, i.e. in individual or family businesses without contracts, social benefits or apart from any social and labor protection systems. ILO surveys have shown that 6 out of 10 working children in agriculture, forestry and fishing and the Hunting are busy. Here there are close ties to the informal economy, which has by far the highest number of working children. For example, commercial plantations may delegate work to small family farms. Or families make goods at home, the then used in domestic companies or for export.

The following graphic provides an overview of child labor worldwide.

Children in employment: Children in employment are those who have undertaken any economic activity for at least one hour during the reference period. This includes forms of work in both the formal and informal economies, inside and outside the family, work for remuneration or for profit (in cash or in kind, part-time or

Full-time work) or domestic work outside the child’s own household for an employer (with or without payment).

Children in child labor: Children in child labor form a subset of children in employment. Child labor means the employment of children below the minimum age and the worst forms of child labor. The worst forms of child labor include child slavery and forced labor, forced child recruitment as soldiers, child trafficking and trafficking, placement and offering for prostitution, pornography and drug extraction, and dangerous work.

Children in dangerous work: Children in dangerous work form a subset of children in child labor. Dangerous work is any activity or occupation that, by its nature, has harmful effects on the child’s safety, health or moral development. This includes night work, long working hours, work that exposes children to physical, psychological or sexual abuse, work underground, under water, at dangerous heights or in confined spaces, work with dangerous machines, equipment and tools or work with manual work Handling or the manual transport of heavy loads, as well as work in an unhealthy environment, which can expose children to dangerous substances, agents or processes or to harmful temperatures, noise levels or vibrations.

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