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Discretion through nursing clothing

For the mother-to-be, fitting maternity wear is an important criterion for making the phase of pregnancy as pleasant as possible. But even after childbirth there are special wishes regarding clothing – such as a great need for privacy when breastfeeding.

Benefits of nursing clothing

  • Easy breastfeeding: By building up the clothes, it only requires pushing up the upper layer of clothing.
  • More discretion: it does not make the naked breast visible and the baby can be easily breastfed.
  • High-quality: The nursing clothing in our range has been processed to a high quality and therefore has an excellent quality.
  • stylishSince we offer nursing clothes in different styles, there is the right garment for every mother. You can combine great and depending on the combination of clothes you can stay true to your style.

What is Stillkle >Special and made of high quality, ecological textiles made nursing clothing makes it possible for mothers to nurse their offspring in the public or in the hospital particularly discreetly. Organic breastfeeding thus ensures the preservation of the intimate and private life for mother and baby even after birth. Due to the special cut of the eco-nursing clothes, it is very easy for the mother to open them unobtrusively with just one hand.

It is therefore not necessary to first pull up a sweater or first laboriously unbutton a blouse. Even during the important breastfeeding mothers should be able to wear beautiful and airy clothes, this is exactly what is fashionable and high quality Organic Still Clothes allows. For the immediate time directly after birth or even at night, so-called nursing shirts offer particularly well. Also, the female breast should be particularly well protected after pregnancy, because it is usually particularly difficult in the nursing phase. Therefore, a practical ensures Nursing Bra for the fact that the heavy and sensitive breast is particularly well supported after pregnancy.

The additional use of specially exchangeable nursing pads keeps the breasts dry and thus better protected against infections. Eco Still Clothes has some practical peculiarities such as an overlap. For example, overlapping pieces of fabric in the chest allow a particularly simple and discrete breastfeeding of the newborn. Quite simply with just one hand, the upper fabric part a little pulled up, the child can still be reliably held with the other hand. Breastfeeding is the simple and ingenious solution for nursing mothers. By the combination of practicability, high functionality and high quality design mothers can dress fashionably while breastfeeding.

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Do I have to do without fashionable clothes??

No – Anyone who thinks that breastfeeding clothes make inconspicuous clothes invariably – is deceptively wrong. There are manufacturers who concentrate on basics. However, there are also plenty of brands that make clothes that are also particularly chic, stylish and classy, ​​not only available in the standard colors like white and black and barely different from other clothes. The positive thing about breastfeeding is that it is more practical. With us they receive beautiful, practical pieces and these have a good effect on the environment. We want you to feel comfortable with their clothes in their skin, that these products are also good for their skin and that the people who produce them will not be harmed.

Which garments are available as nursing clothes?

Fortunately, there are already many manufacturers who focus on the production of nursing wear and produce garments in all areas that are both functional and pretty.

  • Still underwear: Special nursing bras and nursing shirts.
  • Still Tops: Nursing shirts, nursing tops, nursing jerseys, nursing tunics and nursing ponchos.
  • sleepwear: Nightgowns and Nursing Pajamas.
  • Still dresses
  • Still Scarves

Must it be breastfeeding?

No Of course, you do not have to completely change your wardrobe during breastfeeding. In order to experience the discretion that you have through breastfeeding, you do not necessarily have to resort to style toppers. Sometimes a nice cloth or your favorite scarf is enough to cover the breast when breastfeeding. For this, the scarf or the cloth must simply be placed over the shoulder, so that they cover the bare areas when breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding clothes cheap

Like all other forms of clothing, nursing clothing is available in different price segments. There are both basic nursing clothes, such as tops for just a few euros, but also festive silk nursery dresses for a little more money.

Used fabrics in nursing clothing

Since nursing clothing should be functional, fashionable, but also comfortable, the material used is an important criterion in nursing clothing. These should of course be particularly comfortable and neither cut nor rub. To get a feel-good effect, the fabric must be stretchy, which is why a stretchable jersey fabric is usually used. At Hug and Grow, you’ll come across a terrific alternative: a combination of organic cotton and stretch effect with a small amount of spandex. This mix allows for a comfortable wearing of the clothes and is additionally characterized by the ecological aspect of the eco-cotton.

BOOB Stillkle >

The special feature is the overlap. Each organic breastfeeding shirt by BOOB has overlapping pieces of fabric in the chest area and thus make it possible simple and discreet breastfeeding. You can easily pull up the upper part of the fabric with one hand while still holding your baby with the other hand. Simple and ingenious!

BOOB – The Swedish original!

The idea for BOOB arose on a cold, windy autumn day in 1999, when Mia Seipel saw her sister breast-feeding her baby in the park. Mia decided to help mothers with "Comfort & Style" to breastfeed. The result was "BOOB Nursing" – a Swedish patented innovation that makes women look great in lactation too!

Ökö-Tex 100 certified

All jersey fabrics from BOOB are after Ökotex 100 certified! This guarantees you that the clothing is completely free of toxins. The exclusive clothing of BOOB is made with great care. This is reflected in the high-quality design, functionality and selected fabrics. In addition, the complete BOOB collection is made in Europe, of course too fair working conditions and without child labor made.

Still Shirts

Stillshirts are cut so you can feed your baby quite comfortably and discreetly, without showing too much bare skin. So you can feed your baby without having to take it out of the sling.

Still sweater

are the warmer version of the nursing shirt – especially in the cooler season you should protect the sensitive belly and back well and keep warm. For example, the Boob B Warmer – stylish nursing sweatshirt and super comfortable hoody in one and available in many different colors.

Silent T-Shirt

Breastfeeding is simplified by the perfectly thought-out cuts of the different Still T-shirts. They are practical and comfortable at the same time. Depending on the material, these T-shirts can also be used well for sports activities.

Stylish clothes and basics

In nursing attire, people usually only come across basic clothes. But brands like Boob and Frugi teach us a better way. They offer beautiful tunics for the summer, great blouses, but also the basics that you need every day. With matching jewelry combinations or a matching jacket, you can maintain their usual style of clothing and still resort to comfortable clothing.

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