Nursing women – children – kantonsspital baden ksb

The women’s and children’s clinic with a total of 90 beds is divided into the areas of gynecology, postpartum / prenatal, pediatrics, emergency pediatrics, neonatology and childbirth department.

The teams are made up of qualified nurses (AKP, KWS, IKP, DNII / BSc), qualified midwives BSc, breastfeeding consultants IBCLC, health professionals EFZ and domestic workers.

The focus of the women’s clinic and the clinic for children and youth lie in gynecology, obstetrics and childcare. Our area comprises just over 100 positions. More than 180 employees and around 60 learners / students work for the patients around the clock. Nurses in gynecology look after gynecological and oncological patients as well as patients in early pregnancy. The midwives of the birthing department accompany women and their partners / caregivers during pregnancy and childbirth. The nurses of the postpartum ward support the mothers and their children in the first days together, and women with high-risk pregnancies are also looked after at the prenatal ward.

At the children’s emergency and at the pediatric ward, nursing staff look after children and adolescents up to the age of 16 years. Premature babies and sick newborns are cared for on the neonatology. The uniqueness of each patient is known to the nursing staff and is recorded with a care requirement discussion when they enter. It is important to us to involve patients and their families in nursing and decision-making.

Interdisciplinary and interprofessional cooperation is very important to us. It is a prerequisite for ensuring competent, holistic care and support. We complement our care activities with various offers from the complementary medical fields. Patients and nurses are supported by IBCLC breastfeeding consultants, breast and cancer care nurses and experts with in-depth expertise.

The health and professional development of our employees is very important to us; we offer the possibility of part-time employment, internal and external training opportunities and a comprehensive health promotion program. The participative cooperation is in the foreground in the personnel management with us.

maternity unit

The team consists of around 25 qualified midwives, a housekeeping assistant and a ward secretary.

Nursing care / prenatal

The sensitive accompaniment of women with their babies is our priority. Our goal is to give families a successful start at home.

Nursing gynecology

Gynecology includes a private bed station with 9 gynecological and 5 interdisciplinary beds. The general ward comprises 26 beds. Our team consists of qualified nurses HF / BSc, health professionals EFZ and hotel assistants EFZ.

Nursing neonatology

The main task of nurses in neonatology includes the monitoring and intensive care of premature babies and sick newborns on 7 IMC places.

Nursing pediatrics

The team consists of qualified nursing professionals HF / BSc, health professionals EFZ, domestic workers and interns.

Nursing pediatric emergency

In the emergency for children and adolescents on the 3rd floor, patients up to 16 years old are treated with acute illnesses and injuries.


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