Objection to the parental benefit notice? Here you can find out how

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How do you file an objection to the parental allowance notice??

You have to submit the objection to your parental allowance notice within one month after delivery of the notice. The exact deadline by which you can lodge an objection and the address to which you must send the objection are noted on the parental allowance notice.

In fact, it is not unlikely that your decision will contain an error. With the plethora of applications that the parental allowance offices have to deal with, this cannot be ruled out. Therefore, you should look very closely. Typically, errors occur in three areas:

  • The income calculation is incorrect
  • The parental allowance office did not consider application documents
  • Your child’s months of life were wrongly assumed

You can set up the contradiction itself as a rather informal writing. Here are a few essential things that should definitely be included in your letter:

  • Subject: The subject should indicate that you are objecting to your parental allowance notice. You should also have the corresponding business or file number or similar there. name so that the parental allowance office can easily assign your letter
  • Date: In any case, your letter of objection should contain the date on which you wrote the objection. You should make sure that you always comply with the objection period specified in the parental allowance notice. To be sure, you should send the objection in good time so that it ideally arrives at the parental allowance office within the objection period. Even if the date of the postmark applies here: safe is safe!
  • Reason: You should definitely provide the parent allowance office with a good reason why you do not agree with the decision. Otherwise, your contradiction has little chance of success. If you yours You can even substantiate your contradiction with facts and figures, so much the better. Objectivity and good traceability as well as the associated evidence or documents are worth gold here.

Here you can find an example text for a letter of objection (click on the picture around the template in Word):

What happens after you object?

After the parental allowance has received your letter, she the Check the content of the process again. This check is often carried out by a specially designated body, i.e. the review takes place regardless of the original notification. Nevertheless, the following applies: Without good reasons on your part, the parental allowance office will most likely stick to its original decision. If this is the case and the parental allowance office rejects your objection, you can of course still go to the court and file a lawsuit there. You should then be quite sure that you are right. A case of doubt will cost you more in case of a loss than what you would get in addition to parental allowance.

Note: Please note that we cannot provide you with any legal information here. You should only see the pattern as an example.


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