Offer – happiness children hofheim – multilingual child care from 6 months to 6 years


Due to the high demand, we only offer full-day seats.

The “Basic package” includes:

  • Active care in the group
  • Multilingual care
  • Breakfast, lunch, snack and drinks
  • Nap
  • Early childhood education
  • Game, fun and motor activities
  • Individual offers in small groups
  • Movement room, sensory world, sandpit, garden, yard, …

Some examples in detail:

promoting physical activity
Movement is one of the elementary, childlike forms of action and expression.
By promoting and strengthening motor skills, the child gains more skill and becomes more confident in further exploring his or her world.

Promotion of gross motor skills
according to the child’s age e.g. Balancing, walking on tiptoe, catching and throwing a ball, coordination games, climbing stairs, getting dressed, picking up material, stacking and transporting crates, learning perseverance, catching games, running and climbing, and much more.

language support
Through language, the child trains his identity and develops his personality. The children experience and discover that language has an important function as a tool for communication and care.

Artistic forms of expression
Important for the development of the children is the creative-creative area.
The Lucky Children team offers all little explorers the opportunity to “try” themselves. So we do, for example Age-appropriate handicraft offers under playful guidance of the specialized personnel.

Promotion of fine motor skills
For example: cutting and crafting, correct pen keeping, finger and hand skills, folding works, finger play, threading beads, painting, special materials such as feathers, chopsticks, laying material, music and rhythmics, etc.

Promoting cognitive skills
Logical thinking, memory, concentration, perseverance, curiosity, curiosity, conclusions, judgment (positive or negative) sense of justice, etc.


Due to high demand, we offer only full-time places. The “Basic package” includes:

• Active child care in the group
• Multilingual childcare
• Breakfast, lunch, snack and drinks
• Afternoon nap
• Early years education
• Play, fun and motor activities
• Individual classes in small groups
• Movement space, sense worlds, sand pit, garden, courtyard, …

Here are a few more examples:

Fostering movement

Movement is one of the most elementary ways in which children behave and express themselves. When motor skills are fostered and strengthened, the child gains greater dexterity and becomes more confident.

Fostering great motor skills

This is done in age-appropriate ways. Examples include maintaining balance, balancing, walking on tiptoe, throwing and catching ball, coordination games, climbing stairs fluidly, dressing oneself, fetching materials, being able to stack and transport boxes, learning stamina, throwing, running and climbing competitions, and much more.

Developing language skills

It is through language that a child forms their identity and develops their personality. Children experience and discover that language has a vital function as an instrument of communication and affection.

Artistic forms of expression

The field of creativity and design is important for children‘s development. The lucky kids team offers all our little explorers the chance to test themselves. For example, we offer age-appropriate craft activities in a playful way, led by specialist staff.

Fostering fine motor skills

E.G. fingering, fingering games, threading beads, drawing, special materials such as feathers, sticks, laying materials, music and rhythm, etc.

Developing cognitive skills

Logical thinking, memory, concentration, stamina, thirst for knowledge, curiosity, drawing conclusions, judgment (positive or negative), sense of justice, etc.

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